I'm thrilled to help you get started on a path to thriving health!

Here are some easy downloadable tools, classes and programs that you can do at home.  They will each guide you through what you need to get started.

Get to the heart of your health issue 

-Guidebook and video tutorial

This 6-step exercise will help you begin the exploration of what's behind your symptoms and health issues. You'll also receive my newsletter & a series of journaling prompts to help you continue the discovery.

Recorded Teleclasses


- Natural health tools to get you going

You're hungry for knowledge on natural healing. You know your body is capable of extraordinary health and you want to learn how to create it.

These 60-minute teleclasses will get you started with very concrete tools you can implement right away.

Purchase a class, download and take immediate action.

·       Manage Your Cholesterol Naturally

·       The Toxins in Your World

·       Fats That Heal & Fats That Kill 

·       Preventing, Managing & Reversing Diabetes 

·       Natural Weight Loss 

Clean Start Detox

-Four-week body, mind and spirit detox

Green Juice

You can hear your body's messages. It's asking for a little love and support.

My Clean Start Detox is just the thing you need to jump start your body's healing abilities and quiet the achy, cranky voices of the symptoms you have. 

1.    Beyond what all detoxes do (support the liver and colon) I help you determine whether your body also needs thyroid, adrenal and targeted anti-inflammatory support.

Your detox becomes a healing program customized to you!

2.    It is a body + mind + spirit cleanse! You get tools for self discovery as the clean foods give you greater clarity.

3.    I guide you on how to create a healthy lifestyle AFTER your cleanse, so you don't go back to the habits that clog your body up with sugar, alcohol, etc.

You will sleep better, have better energy, better moods and many of your body's cranky symptoms will improve.

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