What if you already have the key to vibrant health inside of you?

This is the question Morella asks her audience… and then takes them on a practical and inspiring tour through how we can radically improve our health by going on an inner quest. 

As a speaker, Morella inspires her audience to own that we are each the hero of our own health adventure. She teaches what so many of us already sense --  that mental, emotional and physical health are all intertwined. In clear, evidence-based detail, Morella takes it one step further, teaching how our psyche (the cluster of our thoughts, memories and emotions) is often at the core of the most mysterious and seemingly chronic health issues. Audience members leave with tools to take bold action.

Since 1993, Morella has been speaking and facilitating workshops with groups large and small.  She is also the producer and host of an award-winning TV show, Holistically Speaking.

slaying the jabberwoky - how Your inner dragons keep you from vibrant health

There are thousands of ways in which your inner dragons affect your health.  Morella groups them in three main categories which you'll about learn in this talk.

One group of "inner dragons" can show up as emotions affecting your health: 

Loneliness may lead to an insatiable hunger for cookies. Chronic stress may appear as acid reflux. Grief may contribute to Crohn’s disease or autoimmune conditions. Perfectionism and a need for control can show up as arthritis.

You’ve heard the phrase “emotional eating” or maybe even found yourself saying, “I don’t know why I’m sabotaging myself” -- but it’s bigger than this. The emotions that we aren’t fully feeling consciously are the ones driving our behavior -- and often, they are at the root of our chronic and perplexing health issues, too.   

Maybe you’ve already been wondering about your inner landscape might be affecting your health, but you’ve never had the right tools to help you explore, get to the bottom of what’s going on, and finally understand what to do about it.

In this dynamic and eye-opening presentation you will learn:

  • The three types of big inner dragons that affect physical health --such as how emotions like stress, anger, resentment or grief show up in certain health issues; and how the other two types of dragons are even more covert than your emotions
  • A series of exercises to get insights into how your own dragons might be showing up in your body and your health right now
  • An overview of tools that help resolve emotional blocks, heal past wounds and create room to choose a new, healthier response (instead of defaulting to your old pattern)

You’ll leave this talk feeling hopeful, having discovered a missing piece to the health issues that may have baffled doctors and therapists. You’ll leave with simple tools you can use to continue your own exploration. And finally, you may notice a subtle sense of relief, as some of the emotions you may not have been aware of are heard and attended to.


1. Turn Your Chemical World Into a Healing World

Your audience will learn about the 10 most concerning chemicals that show up in cellular analysis and the serious health issues they are linked to. They’ll walk away with concrete steps to remove these substances from their homes, water, food, air and personal care products.  

2. The 10 Cancer Prevention Actions You Must Take Today

Did you know that pre-cancerous cells form in everyone’s body all the time? And did you also know that a healthy body removes them daily? Your audience will leave this class feeling hopeful and armed with concrete actions to take immediately. Cancer is not a scary menace when you know how to effectively reduce the risks. The cure to cancer is called prevention and we have it already.

3. How To Manage Cholesterol, Reverse Diabetes and Never Follow Another Diet Again!

High cholesterol and diabetes are syndromes (not diseases) resulting from our modern lifestyle. If you change the lifestyle, the syndrome disappears. This class will debunk all of the mainstream myths about cholesterol and diabetes. Your audience will leave with actionable information and inspiration to make change. (hint: they will not be told to eat low fat or go on a calorie-counting diet.)

4. Are You Making Nutrition Errors?  (aka. “Eat-this-not-that BINGO/Jeopardy!”)

Confused by all the contradictory nutrition information? In this fun, interactive game your audience will engage in a lively discussion about food. Butter or Earth Balance? Farmed salmon or grass-fed beef? Splenda or Stevia? ...and so much more. Everyone learns something in this class.

what audience members SAY...

“Dear Morella, I wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed your session on Friday. I thought you were awesome and I appreciated your candor and great attitude and very practical and helpful workshop.

I had a rough week and your sharing and your attitude personally resonated and inspired me to make this the best day ever. I found myself thinking of you many times over the weekend and of the advice and tips you had suggested.

Thanks for personally touching me and helping me with wellness, as well as all the great work you do for Lund.”
— Barbara Rachelson - Executive Director of Lund Family Center
“Great job, Morella! There’s so much garbage out there. I’m so glad I don’t have to search for the answer to my health anymore. Your guidance and education set me free to be healthy. Thank you soooo much! You truly changed my life.”
— Deb Nowakowski - Class participant
“Thank you Morella, Over the years, your programs have been the catalyst I needed to make lasting change.”
— Ava Whitcomb - Class participant, Northfield Savings Bank