Success Starts With Your Body

Mahatma Gandhi once said, "Life is an indivisible whole." He was making reference to the fact that how we are in one area of life affects the rest of our life. There is no part of life that is wholly disconnected from the others.

Life is an indivisible whole.


There's something deeply satisfying about eating chili on cold days. Between the richness of the fat (which provides thermogenic calories), the heat of the bowl in your hands or the heat of the spice as you savor it, for me it's one of the most perfect things to eat on a cold, damp day.

I taught a class at Merchants Bank a couple of weeks ago, and found myself talking about chili. One of the participants said she always makes her chili with McCormick spices, to which I said, "No!" Using pre-packaged spices is a sure way to get MSG in your food.


My eyes tend to get puffy. It's a family trait.

If my diet isn't on point, I can count on my eyelids to be puffy on most mornings. After a while, they typically come down, but it's something I'd rather not have.

Under-eye puffiness is a symptom of improper lymphatic drainage of the face. If you gently massage your face it starts improving after a while.