Bacon Pad Thai! (Recipe)

For the past week I've had a hankering for Pad Thai... and also WAY too many vegetables in my fridge... Along with a gorgeous slab of uncured, unsliced bacon.

I wanted to find a great way to prepare the bacon that has been taunting my husband and me, and so... Bacon Pad Thai! 

Health: When We Can't Seem To Do What We Know We Should Do

Some people seem to have it. They're really good at working out consistently, eating healthy, doing the right things for their health... and it seems natural and effortless for them.

Most of us are not in that camp. I certainly have never been the sort of person to be super motivated to work out. And hardly EVER have I had the willpower to stick to a food "regimen" for more than 3-4 weeks.

Never. EVER.

Reflections on holiday gift-giving

Over the past few weeks, I read a couple provocative articles on the subject of holiday gift-giving and consumerism.

The first was from Paul Jarvis, who writes a newsletter I read weekly. In his last newsletter, he shared how he doesn't participate in the holiday tradition of gift-giving. Instead, for him and his wife, Christmas Day is a quiet day of resting. 

There was something about his perspective that really appealed to me.