Step 1:  Cultivating a Vibrant Body

It all starts with your health

Please stop doing battle with your body. If you pay close attention, you'll notice that many of the things we do to our bodies have an energy of aggression. Fighting your symptoms and trying to fix your issues is inherently aggressive.  

Fighting your body will never lead to vibrant health. You may eliminate a symptom for a short while, but your body will get cranky somewhere else.

So stop fighting your symptoms and following diet dogma (whether it's calorie-counting, paleo, vegan, or whatever it may be.)

Your body is always communicating (your "symptoms" are your body's louder messages trying to get your attention.) It's time to pay attention and listen. 

The key to healing is to become allies with your body and learn how to nurture it towards health. 

Your body is a magnificent, highly intelligent, self-healing system. You just need to help it to do its job. I’ll teach you how to listen to your body's cues and apply common-sense principles to reignite your body’s healing. Your body will do the rest.

Here’s what happens when you work WITH your body:

  • You discover once and for all what works for your body. No more diets or calorie-counting.

  • As your body is allowed to heal, you learn how to do away with medication for things like high cholesterol, diabetes, acid reflux, pain and others. (Always involve your doctor in your work to wean yourself off any medication.)

  • You reduce inflammation in your body. This means you see improvements in things like allergies, arthritic pain, IBS, high cholesterol and more. Even autoimmune conditions are improved when you bring inflammation under control. 

  • You learn how to detoxify your body consistently. As a result you'll notice better energy, better sleep, better sex, better focus, better skin, better digestion... and the list goes on.

  • You also learn how to strengthen your digestion naturally. This impacts ALL of your health because nothing works well if your digestive system is not assimilating nutrients properly.

This is exactly what you do in my Vibrant Body journey. 

These are the basic modules:

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These topic-specific classes can be a great resource to jump-start your  body-love. Choose from:

  • The Toxins In Your World
  • Fats That Heal, Fats That Kill
  • Managing Cholesterol Naturally
  • Sugar Addiction: Getting Off the Sugar Rollercoaster With Ease
  • Eat This, Not That Bingo-Jeopardy!
  • Stress & Eating for Energy
  • Happy Tummy: Strengthen & Heal Your Digestion Naturally

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You can do the Vibrant Body Journey in two ways:

  1. Join the whole journey ~ body, mind, heart & spirit. In this option you join a group directly supported by me.
  2. Do only the self-paced modules you want. With this option, you can choose one or more single modules that meet your needs right now and do them at your own pace.

Let me tell you a little bit more about the modules in the Vibrant Body portion of the journey:

This part of the journey lasts about 6 months. During this time, you will completely change the way you relate to your body. You’ll understand food and its effects much more deeply, and you'll learn how to activate powerful healing for yourself.

Week 1 - Creating the powerful vision for your body

We start by creating a crystal clear destination. The reason for this is twofold:

  1. Your subconscious mind will know where to go and it will help you get there, and

  2. Epigenetics and stem-cell biology have proven that your thoughts influence cell behavior. It turns out your cells in follow directions very well!

What you think about, comes about, literally… and nowhere faster than in your body.

You may have never thought about this, but knowing what you don’t want is not the same as knowing what you do want.  

If you only focus on what’s wrong with your body, guess what happens?  Your subconscious mind and your cells can only focus on keeping you there. They have nothing else to go by.

You’ll start creating a Vibrant Body by creating a powerful, compelling vision that excites you. You’ll learn tools for anchoring your vision and making it come alive.

Weeks 2-5 - Clean Start Detox

Next we move into a fundamental reboot. When we clean things out, step by step, you’ll start to experience greater energy, greater mental clarity, better moods and a noticeable improvement in your health.

Because when you lighten the toxic load that your body is dealing with on a daily basis, it will automatically focus on healing and repair functions! Crazy!

The other plus of starting with a detox is that you’ll gain deep insights into what makes your body tick and which foods help your body do really well --this is different for everyone. You will also discover if there are any foods your body wants you to avoid.

You create a clean slate from which you build a new lifestyle for vibrant health.

In the 10 years that I’ve facilitated the detox program, every single time people ask: “what do I do know?  What am I supposed to eat?”  

That’s what I help you figure out over the next few weeks.

Weeks 6-9 - Happy Digestive Fire

Having completed the detox, you will have given your digestive tract an extraordinary break and a golden opportunity to heal. Now’s a great time to rebuild a strong digestive fire.

Some of you know you need this, while some of you might say, “why do I need this? My digestion is fine.”  Here’s the thing: Nothing in your body will heal or stay young if your digestive tract is not assimilating nutrients optimally. So digestion is key to all of health.

Moreover, many digestive meds and aids can actually weaken your digestion and harm nutrient absorption. For example, acid blockers interfere with the absorption of calcium. The result is a high correlation with osteoporosis within a few years.

During these four weeks, we lay down the fundamentals to boost stomach health, intestinal health and liver health. You will also learn to create critical habits for strong digestion.

The result is that you will discover how to reverse your digestive symptoms, such as acid reflux, constipation, diarrhea, bloat, pain, and bathroom emergencies!

Weeks 10-24 - Health for Life

In Health for Life we help you figure out EXACTLY how your body thrives. Not what I think or what a diet tells you to eat… what YOUR BODY tells you.

At this point, you’ve wiped the slate clean and you’ve gotten your digestion to a phenomenal place. Now it’s time to get your engines rocking like you’re 21 again!

You will learn how to optimize your metabolism (aka. lose weight), reduce inflammation (aka. lower your cholesterol, reverse diabetes and other inflammation-related issues) and lower the speed at which your body ages.

You will also learn fundamental self-care and awareness practices that deeply change your relationship with food, sleep and exercise. You will demystify exercise and learn to look for movement that brings you joy… and you’ll learn the types of exercise that get you out of any plateau.

The pace of it all...

Throughout the program we build in a lot of spaciousness for integration. We’ll take “break” weeks where we won’t cover new material but rather give you space to get really good with your vibrant lifestyle habits. The ease around this allows you to master your health through the natural rhythms of your social life, work and downtime.

This is the foundation of how I transformed my life.

It dawned on me not too long ago that through this program, I am giving you all of the pieces that brought increasing health and vitality to my body. I had just never dared to put it all together.

If this program had been available back when I was starting, this would have been EXACTLY what I would have wanted.

Are you ready to reclaim your vibrant Body?

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Love from past clients :)