Clean Start Detox - $197

A reboot to ignite healing throughout your body!

Well hello adventurer!

This is where everyone should start.  

My first detox in 2004 changed my life forever.  Within 3 days there was a noticeable difference in my skin, the quality of my sleep, my moods and my energy. I never looked back and thus began my quest to heal all of my life.

I did every detox in vogue and then created a program in 2007, synthesizing the system I found worked best. I’ve been facilitating it ever since, helping hundreds of people discover what’s possible when you give your body a chance to detoxify.

This is a whole body reboot that gets you:

  • Better energy

  • Greater mental clarity, focus and creativity

  • A lighter feeling in your body, which many times also comes with weight loss

  • Better digestion

  • Better poops!!  Yes! Your BMs get SO much better!

  • Clearer skin… for all of you who struggle with acne the way I did

  • More consistently uplifted moods!

  • Give your liver a chance to regenerate and in turn you get: better blood sugar, lower inflammation, lower liver enzymes, better digestion, and the list goes on.

How is all of this possible through a detox program?

It’s all possible because the body is a self-healing system. What it does when you clean out the stuff that congests it (even some “healthy” foods are congesting) and you give it TONS of great nutrition, is nothing short of miraculous.

What the detox looks like:

  • I guide you through a gradual elimination over 21 days. Three weeks. Each week is a little different. Week 1 we eliminate sugar, coffee and alcohol. Week 2 we eliminate dairy, flour and a few other congesting foods. Week 3 is the core detox.

  • You learn how your body responds week-to-week and you track the changes.

  • You take certain supplements and herbs tailored to your body’s needs, which you’ll identify through several self-assessments I’ll give you.

  • After 21 days I’ll guide you through reintegration of the foods you eliminated. You’ll start noticing how great your body feels and how it responds to different foods as you slowly add them back in.  (This alone is a HUGE gift! The clarity of knowing what works for you!)

It’s all REAL food. And you’ll get invaluable insights and new habits that you’ll keep for the rest of your life.

Program Includes:

  • Self-assessments

  • Supplement guide to customize your cleanse

  • Video and audio instructions for each week, as well as very clear written outlines of what to do each week. So you know exactly what you are eliminating week by week.

  • Recipes

  • Yoga for detoxification - with pictures

  • Meditation audios and guided visualizations to support your cleanse

  • Bath recipes

  • Bodywork and other self-care recommendations and ideas

Past client love for the Clean Start Detox :)

"I am so much happier now that I am eating so clean and don’t seem to let as much bother me as I was prior to the program. I have lost weight, my skin is more clear, my eyes are brighter, I have more energy and mentally, I am back to being more positive and my taste buds have changed significantly." "This program is well worth the money! Not only are you getting the benefit of cleaning your body of all the toxins, you are also learning lessons that can be applied for the rest of your life. I know that my diet will be forever changed after doing this program." Cindy, 38 
"The first two weeks were actually very easy. I was never hungry or suffering for lack of food. I immediately noticed an improvement in my mental clarity and energy. I originally was worried about the time food prep would take because after work meals were already a struggle – even making foods that we were familiar with. New foods, and fresh produce could only make that worse right? Wrong! The added energy I had made the dinner prep no problem. As a nice side effect, I lost about 15 pounds during the program!" Lee, 30
"I just wanted to let you know that I really enjoyed the cleanse! I enjoyed all of the information and I really feel like the program helped me reset my system. All of the symptoms, headaches, hot flashes etc. that I was experiencing, went away after the first week on the cleanse, and they have not returned. I have slowly started to eat some of the foods that I removed and I still feel great!" Kate, 50