Clean Start Detox Materials


The handbook will guide you step by step through the four-week program. You'll find instructions for each week, recipes, shopping lists and self-assessments to help you customize your cleanse.

From the index in the book, you can click on any of the topics to jump directly to that page.

And the links to the audios should bring you back to this page. All of the audios (instructions, meditations and EFT guides) are below. 

Have fun and email me if you have questions! 


Go to handbook (or click on the picture)

PS. About printing: you can print the whole book or print only the pages you need (i.e. self-assessments, shopping lists, and the pages labeled "print me" at the top right corner.)


Clean Start Detox Audios

1. Weekly instructions:

2. Meditations and Visualizations:

3. EFT Audios: