Health for Life - $797

Master your metabolism & blood sugar.

REduce heart disease risk & general inflammation.


Let’s start with the truth:  Your body is made to heal itself; so let’s help it do that.

Right now you’ve got some of the inflammation syndromes of western civilization...

  • High cholesterol, gallstones, elevated liver enzymes

  • Diabetes, high blood sugar, high triglycerides

  • Obesity

  • Arthritis, vein problems and other pain

  • IBS and other digestive issues

  • Asthma and allergies

Not to panic. I’ve got the genes for heart disease, diabetes and high blood pressure. That doesn’t mean we have a death sentence. It just means those are the ways in which our body will communicate imbalance to us.

Here’s the kicker… All of these modern health syndromes are signs of high inflammation.

Like countless others, you can resolve these issues naturally and with ease. We’ll start by learning how your metabolism works, by lowering your silent inflammation and by addressing your inner beliefs about health and healing.

Let’s also be clear that vibrant health is not created by taking pills. They might stop the progression of a certain ‘squeak’ in your body, but they’re not addressing the root cause.

So what is the cause of your problem?

Our western lifestyle is a big part of the issue: the Standard American Diet, bad diet advice on fats and carbohydrates, toxins in our environment and WAY too much stress.

The other pieces of the puzzle are all of the subconscious beliefs you hold about your health, healing and what’s possible for you. We will cover these issues too.

First we have to get you to become a master in what your body needs in order to THRIVE!

Thriving means…

  • All of the energy to do the things you love and bring you joy.

  • The stamina, strength and flexibility to feel youthful… even at 86.

  • Internal functions that do not “squeak…” meaning digestion, elimination, detoxification and repair that work without you noticing any of it.

  • No pain, great sleep, wonderful sex (if you want it) and lots of energy.

  • Of course… no chronic medications… which hopefully, eventually, you can get to.

  • Stellar cholesterol, beautiful and perfect blood sugar numbers, healthy triglycerides and good blood pressure.

How does this program help you move towards all of that?

#1. First, you’ll learn how your metabolism actually works, so you are not following diet advice that is meant for either growing children or athletes. You’ll also discover the fundamentals of how to manage your weight with ease, so you can let go of diet dogma.

#2. Then, you’ll learn how to naturally reduce inflammation through eating a healing, anti-inflammatory diet, and other anti-inflammatory practices. (Hint: this is partly why people following a “Mediterranean Diet” even with lots of fats, usually do better than those on a “Standard American Diet”)

#3. You’ll also learn how to exercise in the way our ancestors exercised. No more endless hours at the gym. It’s all about common sense and finding movement you love, and using the right kind of activity to break out of any plateau.

#4. You’ll learn about seemingly healthy foods that actually can work against your health. When you learn about how your body responds to them, you can choose how often to include them in your diet, if at all.

#5. You’ll learn about your metabolic type, which helps you know for certain whether you’ll do great on high-fat/low-carb diets; or if perhaps you’d thrive on a vegetarian diet.

#6. You’ll begin to explore your mindset around health, to become more aware of how your subconscious mind and your thoughts are either helping you or holding you back.

#7. You’ll find greater inner motivation and tap into the transformative power of joy and true body-love.  As your body starts to show you what’s possible, your motivation increases. You’ll add more pleasure, pampering and joy to your everyday life. Instead of willpower, you’ll LOVE taking good care of yourself.

The body only truly heals when there’s profound love and care. It does not heal from a “fix it” mentality.

The program includes:

  • Self-assessments to help you personalize your supplements to your health needs.

  • Metabolic-type assessment.

  • Recorded instructions and group coaching calls.

  • Simple action guidelines week by week -- so all you do is take that week’s actions. It’s all about baby step progress!

  • Recipes.

  • Conscious living and self-care practices.

  • Writing exercises for greater awareness.

Past client love for Health for Life :)

"Good news! My cholesterol has gone from 313 to 246. Triglycerides went from 152 to 76. And my liver enzymes went from 81 (high) to 46! It works!" - Juan C.
"OMG WE did it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Chol was 531 now 243. Tri was 444 now 134. HDL was 38 now 45. LDL was not calculated because trig was too high last time > than 400 and is now 171. Non HDL Cholesterol was 493 and is now 198. Thank you so much!! I have been doing a little jig up and down the hall!!" -- Lee
"...I had said I would update you on my numbers when my doctor ran everything again. I am happy to tell you I had my blood work done last week - My A1C was 4.8...down from 7.8 in November! My overall Cholesterol number was 160. The last time I remember my cholesterol being checked it was 199. I am off my glipizide and have been since late November - right after starting my healthy eating. My metformin was cut in 3rd in December, by half in January and as of last week I am completely off all diabetic meds. My blood sugar hovers between 92 and 98! I have lost 65 pounds since November!" -- Jody