Health For Life Program

Getting Started

In this section you'll find several self-assessments. They'll help you start understanding the different messages your body gives you at all times. By listening to your body, you have access to immense wisdom and the ability to create health vibrant for yourself. 

I. The diet inventory

Doing an inventory at the start of the program will help you have a baseline. You'll later be able to compare how your diet changed over the course of the program. Download and complete the Diet Inventory here.

II. Organ & systems self assessments

The organ/system specific questionnaires below may give you great insights into what's going on with your body. In each (except the digestive strength assessment), I also share some things that can help if your scores are high.


  • Week 1: Optimizing your metabolism

  • Week 2: Metabolic Typing and anti-inflammatory foods (ABCD lists)

    • Week 2 audio recording
    • Week 2 Play List includes:
      • Metabolic type menu ideas
      • The breakfast experiment
      • ABCD lists of foods to reduce inflammation

Break week:

You've already covered a lot of new information. I suggest you take this week to review everything from weeks 1+2 and see what else from that week you can implement.

Keep taking baby steps based on what you're learning, and resist the temptation to move too quickly through the material if you are not taking action. 

Break Week

Insert another week where you don't cover new material and instead review everything from weeks 1-4. 

  • How are you doing with the 7 habits?
  • Are you eating 80% from the A list?
  • Are you getting more physically active?
  • Are you doing intervals?

Take this week to improve on the things you've already learned. 

  • Week 5:  Cravings, pleasure and true life nourishment

    • Week 5 audio recording
    • Week 5 Play List includes:
      • Overcoming & deconstructing cravings
      • Vitamin P (pleasure) and nourishment menu
  • Week 6:  Your personal "Health for Life" formula; Steps recap

    • Week 6 audio recording
    • Week 6 Play List includes:
      • Steps recap
      • Taking stock and your personal health for life formula
  • Week 9: Winter superfoods and taking stock

    • Week 9 audio recording
    • Week 9 Play List includes:
      • Winter superfoods + winter self-care
      • Questions for reflection and moving forward
    • Feedback time: 

      • Please take a moment to answer the program feedback survey. Thank you!! 
  • Week 10:  Celebration & how to keep going

    • Week 10 audio recording
    • Week 10 Play List includes:
      • Celebrating success
      • The importance of celebration and gratitude


Q&A Call

Q&A Call

  • Minute 1:00 ~ Drinking water (or other liquids) with meals. Is this a no-no?
  • Minute 3:50 ~ What about almond milk (or any other milk) with granola? What about soup?
  • Minute 5:35 ~ A concentration camp & Vietnam war lesson on chewing.
  • Minute 10:50 ~ What is the right cadence/rhythm to take probiotics?
  • Minute 17:30 ~ Is my acne really clearing because of my healthy eating? What is involved in clearing acne?
  • Minute 23:30 ~ Getting the best bones to make bone broth
  • Minute 25:45 ~ Tips for making good choices while traveling. Ideas for not falling completely off the wagon.
  • Minute 36:20 ~ Suggestions for dealing with sugar cravings
  • Minute 44:00 ~ What's the scoop on taking a multivitamin? What's the best kind? What about taking turmeric on an ongoing basis?
  • Minute 48:00 ~ What to focus on if focusing on food is not an option (i.e. traveling, staying with relatives, etc.)? The option of doing the work of weeks 8 and 9 out of sequence.