Step III: Healing Your Heart

Here's the gobsmacking truth: it IS possible to feel joy, peace and love all the time… or 99% of the time. Your true essence IS  joy, peace and love.

In fact, a growing number of teachers in various fields (from Bruce Lipton in molecular biology, to Anita Moorjani in spiritual teachings) say that we are meant to create and experience heaven on earth. 

But often times our lives are colored by a backdrop of anxiety, depression, pessimism, hopelessness, anger or pain. Sometimes  they're a dull noise in the background. Sometimes they're intense. I know all too well that sometimes it’s scary to face them, and so you try pretending they’re not there. Sometimes they just consume you. 

None of this has to remain this way.  Finding freedom and peace beyond all of these feelings (and the events that might have given rise to the feelings) is absolutely possible. I've done it and many people have done it through my wound-healing processes.

Healing your heart allows you to:

  • Heal the wounds of the past, even the toughest traumas, finally feeling peace around painful memories.

  • Resolve family and ancestral patterns that keep replaying in your life.

  • Feel whole, and discover more space for peace and joy.

  • Discover a deeper sense of love for yourself, others and life, which means you begin to show up differently in your life.

We can do this work together...

I know what it's like to carry old wounds (you can read my story here) and I've done the work to heal them. It would be a privilege for me to support you in  healing your heart. 

There are two ways in which we can do this: 

1. Private sessions

I don't do traditional therapy. In the kind of work I do, you won't have to rehash painful memories. Instead, I use tools (such as NLP - Neuro-Linguistic Programming, EFT - Emotional Freedom Technique, and hypnosis) that allow you to release the hurts and heal painful memories without having to relive them and rehash them.

I can tell you more about how this all works in a complimentary Discovery Session

The Discovery Session is free of charge and it gives us an opportunity to get to know each other, to get deeper understanding of what it is you're dealing with and explore what working together will be like.  I promise you'll emerge from the Discovery Session with the sense of hope and lightness that there IS a way for you to no longer be carrying this pain with you. 

2. Attend a Wholehearted retreat

The other way in which we can do the deep work of healing your heart is by attending the Wholehearted retreat. 

The retreat is truly one of the most beautiful experiences you'll have; one where you not only get to emerge as a more whole version of yourself, but you also get to witness others do the same.  The sweetness that emerges from this group is something that you'll rarely experience anywhere else.

You can see all of the details of the retreat as well as whether there's an upcoming one on the retreat page.

Love from past clients :)