Part III: Healing Your Joyful Heart

Yes, you are meant to feel joy, peace and love all the time... or at least most of the time.  

But anxiety, depression, grief and anger can be tough. Sometimes it’s scary to face them. Sometimes you to try to go about your life, pretending they’re not there. Sometimes they consume you. Sometimes the past doesn’t let you move on.

It’s time to learn to surf through the waves of your emotions, easily gliding through them to find the wise messages they deliver, and return to your nature of joy, peace, love and ease.

The journey of Healing Your Joyful Heart brings you to:

  • Heal the wounds of the past, even the toughest traumas, finally feeling peace around memories that have been painful.

  • Resolve family and ancestral patterns that keep replaying in your life.

  • Feel whole again, and as you do, discover more space for peace and joy.

  • Discover a deeper sense of love for yourself, others and life, which means you begin to show up differently in all of your life.

When we work on Healing Your Joyful Heart, we will go through these core modules:

There are two ways in which you can do this work, one is working privately with me and the other is joining the Journey. At this time, enrollment for the journey has closed, but we can still talk about healing your heart.

Are you ready to discover
what a truly joyful heart feels like?

Set up a Discovery Session with me so I can tell you more about how we can work together. Healing your heart is necessary, and it can be a beautiful journey.

A little more about the group journey...

When you join the whole journey, the Heart portion is the final 2-month segment, which includes an in-person retreat.  

This is the journey of mending the wounds of the past that are still affecting your life.  These wounds may come from your own past, or they may come from your parents or ancestors, whether you know their stories or not.

Few people do the work (or even know how) to heal and release those stories and wounds.

Most people resort to therapy. But as a counselor I can tell you that talking about your issues does very little to truly resolve them. At best, you become desensitized to them over time. Rarely do you achieve a truly liberated wholeness and peace from your old pain.

This journey is different.  You’ll learn powerful tools and be guided through clearing processes that work at the level of the subconscious mind, rather than rehashing the past.

Importantly, this is NOT group therapy even though you'll be in a group with other people. You’ll love how beautifully the group highlights the humanity of our shared stories and experiences, and how others' healing will also fuel your own. The safety and sacredness of the group is always a well-established ground-rule, and all sharing is strictly confidential.

Week 1

We start by creating the vision of what joy, peace and wholeness may mean for you. This is a crucial step because the subconscious mind needs a destination.  It’s all too common to know what we don’t want, but we rarely really get clear on what it is we do want.

I guide you through what we call a Well-Formed Outcome in NLP and how to powerfully anchor it in your subconscious mind, so that your vision draws you to it.

Week 2-8

Step-by-step, we unearth and heal the old stories, whether they’re yours or somebody else’s.  This does not mean that we will be diving into the stories and digging up the old feelings. On the contrary, the processes we follow will help you identify what needs to be healed, without falling into the pit of feelings around this experience.

I help you move through any post-traumatic stress through the use of EFT, so that you learn how to overcome any long-standing hurts, and start to feel more whole.

I will teach you specific techniques for resolving conflict, forgiveness and clearing old feelings, as necessary, so you can start implementing them in your life.  


The Wholehearted Retreat takes place twice a year, one in Vermont and one in Arizona. The retreat is absolutely essential and is therefore included in this journey.

We all carry wounds from past experiences and even from our ancestors. But

This retreat is the most powerful program I have ever witnessed.

Are you ready to discover
what a truly joyful heart feels like?

Let's set up a Discovery Session so we can talk about working together. 

Love from past clients :)