Life is a crazy adventure in which you’re meant to thrive. Let’s get to it!

What if instead of trying to fix everything in your life one by one, you took a single adventure that brings you back to wholeness?

Ditch the struggle.  Ditch the million books, solutions and rules.

It’s time to restore you to the vibrancy, power and joy that is available to you right now. And it’s all part of a single journey… The juicy journey of your extraordinary life.

Buckle your seatbelt. Let the wholehearted living adventure begin.

Psst... wink... wink...

I personally know that doing the whole shebang -Body, Mind, Heart & Spirit- is WAY more powerful than doing a little bit here and there.  So this page is all about inviting you to join me for a 12-month adventure to transform your life. 


step i: cultivating a Vibrant Body

We start off the first six months (mostly) focused on your physical body, because honestly it's where most people need to start.

It’s time to stop fighting your body and pretending that diet dogma works. It’s also time to stop believing that medication makes you vibrantly healthy. You already know it doesn't.

Your body is a magnificent, highly intelligent, self-healing system. You just need to work with it and allow it to do its job. I’ll help you learn to decipher the language of your body and apply common-sense principles to reignite your body’s healing.

In Vibrant Body you move through these core modules to reignite optimal healing:

Click on each module or on the pink button to see the whole Body portion.

(FYI: you can purchase each one of these modules on their own, but the whole thing is so much better!)


step II: Mastering Your Mind

As we move through the Vibrant Body modules, we'll start dipping into the subconscious aspects of your health. From there, the second phase of the journey is to more deeply dive into the mindset that keeps you recreating circumstances in your life that you would rather change.

An extraordinary  life is your birthright. So it’s time to be the masterful creator of that extraordinary life, whatever that might be for you.

Trouble is... your subconscious programs are set to create (and repeat) what you already have, not the life of your dreams. These dreadful programs come from past generations, from your upbringing and from the world around you. It’s time to give yourself a rigorous program change.

In Mastering Your Powerful Mind you go through:


step III: Healing Your Heart

Throughout the year we build your awareness of your emotions, as they relate to your body and as we move through the Mastering Your Mind modules, you'll become increasingly aware of unresolved feelings. The third leg of The Journey brings us into deep heart-healing work.

Because here’s the gobsmacking truth: it IS possible to feel joy, peace and love all the time… or 99% of the time. In fact, your true essence is to be joy, peace and love.

But emotional states like anxiety, depression, grief and anger can be tough. Sometimes it’s scary to face them. Sometimes you to try pretending they’re not there. Sometimes they consume you. 

It’s time to learn to surf the waves of your emotions, so you can receive the wise messages they deliver, and return to your nature of peace, love and joy. This truly is possible.

Healing Your Joyful Heart will take you through these core modules:


step IV: Aligning to your Spirit

Throughout the journey, I'll help you cultivate growing mindfulness of your body, thoughts and emotions. As we go along, you'll have an opportunity to participate in different types of meditation and apply spiritual tools to increase your mastery of your own energy and how it flows through all dimensions of your life. 

The reality is you are an extraordinary being, with gifts you have yet to discover. One day you’ll see the truth of your magnificence and all problems will fade in the background. You’ll see that your journey was perfect and that you were never “lost.”

Sometimes, when we’re bogged down by the problems of life: health, money, career, relationships… it’s hard to see this truth. We get pulled into the feelings of worry, anger or pain and have a hard time pulling ourselves out.

Throughout this journey, I'll help you reconnect to the deeper truths and help you allow those truths to bring light to all of your life's issues.

Love from past clients :)


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