Joyful Heart Rejuvenation Retreat

3 delightful days rekindling the heart joy that is your true essence.

I don't know about you, but I can SO use a few days away. To disconnect from the internet, social media, work, phone and the busy-ness of life... and instead sink in to the simple things that bring us back to our true essence. 

You are the essence of peace and joy within you. Let me help you remember the many ways in which you can access the joy that is ever-present in your life.


We'll arrive Friday afternoon at Good Commons, in Plymouth, VT. Tesha will receive us with tea and snacks. Unpack and begin to unplug and allow yourself to drop into a slower pace of life.

Over the next 48 hours we'll do yoga, gentle hikes, guided meditations, sound-bath ceremonies, journaling, dancing, napping and any other activities you wish to indulge in. In the meantime, Tesha will be taking care of all of our meals. She sources almost all ingredients from nearby farms and will pamper us with incredible foods.

The "program"

My intention is to guide you through several exercises and processes to help you clear the cobwebs of your heart, and rekindle the natural sweetness and joy that is ever-present there.

I want you to experience the MANY simple ways in which we can reawaken joy.

These are some of the things you'll enjoy:

  • The joy of intention: Learn how setting intentions ignites your soul and brings life-force through you.
  • The joy of creation: Write and play with art in ways that gently guide you into releasing old ways of being that no longer serve you, and beginning to shape new possibilities.
  • The joy of healing: Journey in a powerful, guided clearing-meditation where you'll experience using energy tools and subconscious re-programming tools to remove blocks in your heart and experience greater peace, joy and wholeness. 
  • The joy of movement: Experience chakra yoga to help you learn how to use movement in an intentional way to clear, open and activate your chakras. Clear chakras result in easier, more joyful flow of all of life. 
  • The joy of sound: Bask in the crystal-bowl sound-bath ceremony led by Jonathan Carl Flemister, combined with powerful energy work and Reiki. It'll be a deep trance-like healing and atunement of your body because sound shifts the vibration of every cell at the molecular level.
  • The joy of laughter: Let go in laughter yoga! To discover the inherent healing power of laughter that is available to you at all times. 
  • The joy of community: Celebrate in a bonfire release of all old stories. Dancing, singing and drumming are a possibility... Or just warming up by the fire, telling stories in the cool autumn night. 
  • The joy of nature: Do a guided mindful hike to expand awareness and intuition, as you learn to perceive the messages and essence of joy that nature delivers in every breathing moment. Experience the healing that trees gift you when you allow it. 
  • The joy of food: Practice eating with awareness and discover a whole new dimension of enjoying food, not to mention the fact that all our meals will be locally sourced and prepared by chef and Good Commons owner, Tesha Buss.
  • The joy of mindfulness: Choose whether to participate in basic yoga and mindfulness meditation to dive into the simple pleasure of being still.

Benefits you will take with you... 

Joy! :) 

  • Ha ha... In all seriousness, you'll discover a deeper joy in all things and all of life, because that joy emerges from YOU!
  • You'll learn many tools and gateways to bring you back to joy in everyday life!
  • The unavoidable rejuvenation you'll experience by disconnecting from the speeding train of your life... and allowing yourself to receive this much healing joy, in just a few days.

I promise you that these 48 hours will feel like a lifetime.

Ticket & Accommodations:

$450 in a shared room.  Or $625 in a private room.

  • Shared room: 3 payments x $150
  • Private room: 3 payments x $208.33

This is a no brainer! You won't find another weekend getaway with all meals and lodging included for this price.

What participants of my other retreats have said: 

“If you have a hunch or slight inclination that you might benefit from this retreat, then I am confident you will! Morella has woven together multiple successful healing processes with years of experience and a lot of love to create this transformative experience. The emotional work coupled with the bodywork was positively beyond my expectation. I was so grateful for her presence, compassion and, more importantly, for the nudge to go deeper and really look at this wound from multiple angles.
At this point, I can honestly say that I am forever changed for the best. I am now able to reflect upon my past hurt with new eyes and a sense of completion that I didn’t think was possible. In my opinion, if you are reading this, you should sign up today. I trust you won’t regret it."
- Casey, 37
“The biggest impact of the workshop on my life is that it made me hopeful in a way that I haven’t in quite some time. The best part of the workshop was the writing exercises that helped you identify and drill down on feelings that you might not even be aware of having around incidents that you might not have previously considered to be fairly significant even though they may have stuck with you throughout your entire life from early childhood. Which was another thing I also enjoyed about the retreat, seeing how many of the things that other people were dealing with that stemmed from seeds planted at a very early age and knowing that I am not the only one.
The workshop is different from other workshops and retreats because it really has a lot to do with witnessing and you do your own work and other people simply make it easier/possible for you to do that with their kind supportive presence, that it is almost entirely feedback for you.”
- Marsya, 47
“The biggest impact on my life from this workshop is how much stronger I am emotionally and mentally. Morella skillfully walks you through steps in writing assignments that help you come to terms with what you’re at the retreat for. It was the most eye opening, heart rendering weekend of my life. You have to experience it for yourself…”
- Wendy, 51
“Morella, I hope you are not tired of hearing this, but you are so gifted and it is amazing work line that you are in!  ...I noticed how your 'meditations' are so powerful. The meditation that we did on the floor with the 'cutting the emotional cord, cocoon, etc. and the last day chakra meditation/poses. I think it’s a Huge tool that can help and be used over and over again even for perhaps new things, situation that come up…”
- Olga, 31
“What a powerful healing journey. Thank you for including me in this weekend and supporting me along the way. So much has shifted for me and the ease and peace I’m feeling is empowering.
A new man has entered my life. We had dinner together last night and he is such a sweet soul. Mutual nurturing all the way …  I’m making dinner for us tonight. He asked if I would like him to build us a campfire in the yard. OMG. My drawing!! My vision is already becoming a reality.
Thank you. I wanted to share this with you two…  who have touched my life in the most wonderful way.”
- Nina, 34

Have questions?

Will this be fun?

You bet your bananas it will!

I'm not that artistic, do I really have to create?

Let's put it this way, there is NOTHING you'll be forced to do at this retreat.  That said, you WILL be encouraged to let yourself play.

Do I have to meditate?

Again, not if you don't want to. And yet, I'll invite you to explore how learning to tame your monkey mind is one of the best tools to maintain a naturally joyful state.

I have food sensitivities...

I know Tesha will gladly accommodate your diet restrictions.

I just want to nap and hike...

Again, you are welcome to do whatever your heart desires. And I will encourage you to honor your needs above all.