Part II: Mastering Your Powerful Mind

It’s OK to admit it: you want an extraordinary life! It’s your birthright. So it’s time to be the masterful creator of this great life you are meant to be living.

Trouble is... your subconscious programs are set to create (and repeat) what you already have; not the life of your dreams. These programs come from past generations, from your upbringing and the world around you. It’s time to give yourself a rigorous program change.

Mastering Your Powerful Mind will get you to:

  • Uncover the subconscious programs and limiting beliefs that keep you recreating more of what you’ve got. Which is why...

    • You don’t get vibrantly healthy, even when you do all of the “right things.”

    • Despite your best efforts, you have a hard time moving past your current level of success or how much money you have.

    • You find yourself in the same relationship patterns over and over.

  • Create new beliefs, new programs and a new identity for yourself in all areas of life.

  • Learn to more consistently and consciously operate from your core truth as the powerful creator of your life.

This adventure takes you through these modules:

If you'd like to work on your mindset around any of these areas, you can do so in two ways: one is by working privately with me, the other is by joining the Journey. At this time enrollment in the Journey is closed, but we can still work on your mindset together.

To start mastering your mindset now,
let's set up a consultation.

But if you'd rather just start with some gentle "mind yoga"...

Then get my set of seven 15-minute meditations and start cultivating greater peace and clarity:

  1. Four-part breath and conscious breath meditation
  2. Heart-opening meditation
  3. Breath and gratitude meditation
  4. Chakra-balancing meditation
  5. Grounding and energy-clearing meditation
  6. Vipassana meditation
  7. Receiving what you need meditation

CLICK HERE to purchase and instantly download them.

Now, let me tell you a little bit more about the Powerful Mind journey...

This part of the journey is about 16-weeks where you get to excavate your old programs and discover how to replace them with beliefs and programs that allow you to create what you want with ease.

You see, it’s tough for us to notice and address these inner programs that are as invisible to us as water to a fish. We need concrete tools to help us identify what exactly is running our lives.

Each one of the four modules (Health, Success, Money and Relationships)  you will be able to:

  • Identify the hidden limiting beliefs that keep you creating what you are experiencing in each area of your life

  • Unearth the buried memories and emotions that anchored those beliefs in place

  • Identify ancestral stories that you may be playing out as if they were yours

When you know what needs to change, you can then create something different.

I will guide you through clearing the programs of the past, and then help you learn how to  replace them with powerful programs. The new way of being you start cultivating will allow you to increasingly be the person who easily achieves and maintains:

  • The radiant, vibrant health you wish for

  • Growing success in making your unique contribution into the world -whatever is for you

  • Expansive abundance so you can participate in the circulation of resources, and support the things you believe in

  • Joyful relationships that contribute to your life purpose and enjoyment

To recap, within each module (Health, Success, Money and Relationships) you will:

  1. Deconstruct the version of you that created your current reality

  2. Clear the old programs through EFT, NLP, Encodement work and guided hypnosis

  3. Create a blueprint for the new beliefs, emotions and habits that correspond with the version of you that lives in the vision you have for yourself

  4. Implement new habits and behaviors

Once we discover that life easily flows from who we are BEING rather than what we are DOING, we stop “working hard” and “trying to solve our issues.”

Life flows with ease and grace when we arrive at the mindset that creates it this way.

Are you ready to become a more powerful version of yourself?

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Love from past clients :)