Part IV: Aligning to Your Soaring Spirit

You are an extraordinary being, with gifts you have yet to discover. One day you’ll see the truth of your magnificence and all problems will fade in the background. You’ll see that your journey was perfect and that you were never “lost.”

Sometimes, when we’re bogged down by the problems of life: health, money, career, relationships… it’s hard to see this truth. We get pulled into the feelings of worry, anger or pain and have a hard time pulling ourselves out.

There are two ways I know to return to the magnificence of your spirit pouring into your life:

  1. By diving into a deep spiritual practice that helps you get to the truth where all miracles unfold. A miraculous life is not only possible, it’s our birthright and destiny.

  2. By seeking to create a thriving body, a powerful mind and a joyful heart.  When you do this, you are applying deep self-love to bring yourself all forms of healing. As you do, you reconnect with the preciousness and beauty of your life.

If you are feeling called to go down road #1: 

This is the direct spiritual pursuit, and each person needs to find their own path. These are some of the tools that have helped me along my journey:

  • Vipassana Meditation

  • Yoga

  • A Course in Miracles

  • The Teachings of Abraham Hicks

And books such as:

If you're feeling called to go down road #2: 

This is the practice of loving your body, mastering your mind and healing your heart as the journey back to yourself. This is the journey I can help you with.

If you'd like to explore more, check out the Whole Journey ~ Body, Mind, Heart and Spirit. The Spirit aspect of the journey is embedded into everything we do, without being religious. It is cultivated through mindfulness practices, self-awareness exercises, meditations and other intentional tools. 

enrollment will be coming up soon:

Alternatively, you can also check out some of the self-paced modules and classes for your Body, Mind and Heart: