The Vibrant Body Journey

Because the time to thrive is NOW!

I'm sure you're life is going OK. There are no major crises and in general, things are fine. But it could ALL be so much better. Right?

Of course it could be better!  It's time to create vibrant health and re-discover not only what your body is capable of, but how good things can get when you're really thriving in health.  

It’s time to stop fighting your body, pretending that diets work and that medication makes you healthy. You already know they don't. Your body is highly intelligent and self-healing. You just need to help it do its job.

I'll help you (1) understand what your body needs and apply common-sense principles to restore your body’s natural state of self-healing, and (2) create a powerful mindset for health, so you can let go of rules, "discipline" and self-control. 

I have been helping people achieve that for over ten years, and this is the first time I launch this program in this way so I'm offering it at a super discounted price. It won't ever be available again at this rate, so this is truly a great opportunity for you to turn your health around and start loving living vibrantly.

Here’s what happens with this program:

  • You discover once and for all what works for your body. No more diets, EVER.
  • You reduce silent inflammation in your body; which means you see improvements in things like allergies, arthritic pain, IBS, high cholesterol and more.
  • As your body heals, you can talk to your doctor about getting off certain medications.
  • You detoxify your body, which translates into better energy, better sleep, better sex, better focus, better skin, better digestion, and the list goes on.
  • You create stronger digestion naturally which impacts all of your health.
  • You create a whole new sense of self, with a new identity for health and a healthy lifestyle you actually love.


You start with a thorough self-assessment, which helps tailor your program to your body's needs. Then I guide you through four modules to cultivate the four pillars of your health: detoxification, strong digestion, managing inflammation and optimal metabolism. 

These are the modules:

  1. Creating a powerful vision for your body and beginning to create the mindset for healing

  2. Clean Start Detox - A gentle reboot to reignite healing throughout your body

  3. Digestive Strength - Easily restore the power that fuels and nourishes your entire body

  4. Health for Life - Master your metabolism and bring silent inflammation under control

Not only will you receive full support from me, you will also be a part of a community doing this program together. You'll all be able to share ideas, cheer each other on, and benefit from the magic that only happens in a group.

AND because these modules have never been offered together before, you get to do them at the introductory rate.


The program is a 6-month journey that starts any time you're ready. During the six months, you will completely change the way you relate to your body and how you create health for yourself. Instead of changing your lifestyle overnight, you'll have fun discovering new habits and new tricks that work for you little by little. In the end, you will be an expert in what uniquely works for you, and you'll say goodbye to diets and wondering what you should eat.

Imagine where you'll be 6 months from today... 

Does it work?

If you're wondering whether this really works and whether big healing can be achieved this way, go ahead and scroll down to the bottom of this page where you can see what others achieved with my help.  We're talking getting off cholesterol meds, getting off diabetes meds, cancelling surgeries that were already scheduled, no longer suffering IBS... and the list goes on. 

Here's a rough outline of the flow over the six months: 

Week 1 - Creating the powerful vision for your body

You have to create a crystal-clear vision of what you want because...

#1) The subconscious mind is powerful. If you give it a clear destination, it will help you get there. 

#2) Your thoughts influence your cells' behavior. What you think about, comes about. (As stem-cell research, epigenetics and psychoneuroimmunology have proven.)

If you only focus on what’s wrong with your body, guess what happens?  Your subconscious mind and your cells will do a great job of keeping you there. Knowing what you don't want is NOT the same as knowing what you want.

You begin to move towards vibrant health as you create a powerful vision that excites you, and you learn how to anchor it in your subconscious mind so it comes alive.

Weeks 2-5 - Clean Start Detox

Why a detox? 

Because a simple, fundamental reboot cleans things out so you start to experience greater energy, mental clarity, better moods and a noticeable improvement in your health.

When you lighten the toxic burden to your body, it automatically focuses on healing and repair! 

This simple, food-based detox helps you gain deep insights into what makes your body tick. You also discover if your body wants you to avoid certain foods for a bit. In this way, the detox creates a clean slate from which to build your new lifestyle for vibrant health.

In the 10 years I’ve been doing this, at the end of the detox, people always ask: “what's next?  What am I supposed to eat?” That’s what we do next.

Weeks 6-10 - Building Digestive Power

During the detox, you give your digestive tract a break and a golden opportunity to start healing. Now's a great time to rebuild a strong digestive fire.

You may know your digestion needs some work. Or you may say, “why do I need this? My digestion is fine.”  

Here’s the thing: Nothing in your body will heal or stay young if your digestive tract is not assimilating nutrients optimally. So digestion is essential to all of health.

During this stretch we lay down the fundamentals to boost stomach health, intestinal health and liver health that we all need. Some of you will apply additional digestive-healing practices in order to help specific digestive challenges, such as reflux, constipation, diarrhea, bloat, and bathroom emergencies. And all of this is based on food and common-sense habits that we rarely practice. 

Weeks 10-23 - Health for Life

This is where I help you put the final pieces together and start becoming the expert in what works for you! No diets. You'll learn that what you need might be very different than what I need. 

At this point, you’ve wiped the slate clean and you’ve gotten your digestion to a phenomenal place. Now it’s time to get your engines rocking like you’re 21 again!

You learn how to optimize your metabolism (aka. lose weight), reduce inflammation (aka. lower your cholesterol, reverse diabetes and other inflammation-related issues) and lower the speed at which your body ages.

You will also learn powerful self-care and self-awareness practices that change your relationship with food, sleep and exercise. You'll demystify exercise and learn to move in ways that bring you joy… and you’ll learn the widely-known "secret" how to exercise so you break past any weight-loss plateaus.

Week 24 - Celebration! 

We'll wrap up our journey celebrating successes and creating a new vision for the next chapter of your life. It'll be fun.

From beginning to end: Mindset for Health 

Throughout the program you will learn how to increasingly live from the mindset that creates health. What you may not realize is just how much negative internal dialogue, buried emotions and limiting beliefs are interfering with your health. From day one, you'll start shifting that and creating the mindset that allows you to heal.

The structure

  • On the program console you'll have access to week-by-week video and audio class. It's just as if you were live on the call, plus you can listen at the time that is most convenient to you. 
  • You'll also have access to the handbooks for each module, including recipes, include guided visualizations, meditations and writing exercises to help you gain deeper awareness about yourself, your body and what gets you thriving.
  • You'll receive weekly emails to keep you on track.
  • You'll get direct support from me via a private Facebook group where you can ask questions, share tips and recipes. The Facebook group is also a wonderful place where everyone gets to support and inspire each other throughout the journey.
  • You'll start off with thorough health self-assessments so you start understanding what messages your body is giving you and the program helps you start taking action to support your unique needs accordingly.
  • You'll have my support and the support of the group the entire time.


I was originally going to charge over $1,000 to do this program, but I decided that I don't want money to be an obstacle for people to achieve what I know is possible with this program. So I slashed the price.

The rate for this program is only $97/month x 6 months.

In other words, this will cost about the same as a massage, a gym membership or a fancy dinner out once a month. But the BIG difference is that what you get in this program will last for the rest of your life.  The massage is done. The gym membership is only valid for that month. The dinner is eaten and gone.

This is a lifetime of being the expert in you.


This journey allowed me to emerge from having vicious cystic acne (inflammation,) chronic allergies (inflammation,) and being overweight. I started with a detox. Then I worked on my digestion and then I discovered anti-inflammatory eating.

I also realized how negative thoughts and emotions were holding me back. 

My life has completely changed and for 10 years I've been helping people do the same. I want you to know that it IS possible to dramatically transform your health and even your whole life.  

Are you ready to discover what's possible for your health?

Are you ready to be an inspiration to those around you?

Are you ready to have fun creating an amazingly delicious lifestyle?


Do I have to do ALL of it or can I just do one portion?

In order to be vibrantly healthy, you need all four pillars of health (you need to detoxify, you need strong digestion, you need to manage your inflammation and you need a robust metabolism.) The whole journey works and the amazing price is only available if you sign up for the whole journey. Of course how much of it you apply will always be up to you!

Is this every week for 6 months?  

No. At first, the program takes you through 5 weeks of consistent action. After that, you'll have a handful of "break weeks" here and there. Additionally, because you can self-pace, you can also adapt to your life's events. It's all meant for you to feel that the pace is spacious so you can really get in the groove of things and make a successful lifestyle change with ease. 

The detox sounds scary! Will you have us drinking just juices?

A "detox" sounds scary because a lot of people out there are doing wild programs that are not necessary. The way I do detox is by gradual elimination of congesting things from our diet and adding a handful of supplements that aid detoxification.

The first week we eliminate sugar, caffeine and alcohol. The second week we eliminate bread products and dairy. The third week is the detox per se, where you eat lots of liver-healing, detoxifying foods and super-foods. On week four, you start to gradually add foods back into your diet again. That's it! And you'll be surprised how dramatically things can change with this simple program.

I'm not on Facebook, how will that work?

If you're not on Facebook, I encourage you to create an account under a fake name/pseudonym so you can participate. Otherwise, you'll miss out on a lot of great shares from the group, questions answered and easy exchange of recipes, articles and ideas. 

I don't want my friends on Facebook to know I'm in this group... how does that work?

It'll be a secret group. Nobody will know you're in it. All of the group's posts will show up on your regular "news feed" or "home" page on Facebook, but none of your friends can see them. Only people in the group will see what you write in the group. 

Where do we get the information for the videos, audios, handouts, etc.?

Once you sign up, you'll receive all of that information via email. All of the content will be available on the online course page for you to access any time. You can also print all of the materials as you wish.


“Thank you Morella.

Over the years, your programs have been the catalyst I needed to make lasting change. I am now following a whole foods eating plan, I eliminated gluten, grains, dairy, legumes, sugar and all processed foods...

I have also stopped stepping on the scale and obsessing over my weight.

I’m not sure you remember, but when I was doing your program, my ultimate goal was to get off of my medications that I am on for Psoriatic Arthritis.  I tried once to go off the medications, only to have to start taking them again.  But that was before I gave up the grains and dairy.  I am now down to ¼ of my original dose for one medication and the other one previously I took every 2 weeks and I am now stretching that to every 3 weeks.  I have an appt. with my doctor in October and am hoping she will give me the ok to stop taking them and see what happens.

— Ava, 43 (Health for Life)

“Good news! My cholesterol has gone from 313 to 246. Triglycerides went from 152 to 76. And my liver enzymes went from 81 (high) to 46! It works!

— Juan C., 49 (Health for Life)

“OMG WE did it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Cholesterol was 531 now 243. Tri was 444 now 134. HDL was 38 now 45. LDL was not calculated because trig was too high last time > than 400 and is now 171. Non HDL Cholesterol was 493 and is now 198. Thank you so much!! I have been doing a little jig up and down the hall!!

— Lea, 54 (Health for Life)

“...I had said I would update you on my numbers when my doctor ran everything again. I am happy to tell you I had my blood work done last week - My A1C was 4.8...down from 7.8 in November! My overall Cholesterol number was 160. The last time I remember my cholesterol being checked it was 199. I am off my glipizide and have been since late November - right after starting my healthy eating. My metformin was cut in 3rd in December, by half in January and as of last week I am completely off all diabetic meds. My blood sugar hovers between 92 and 98! I have lost 65 pounds since November!

— Jan, 44 (Health for Life)

“I LOVED this program, I think it is just what I needed to get back on track. I am a competitive person, so having something as specific as this is great for me... The effort you put into educating us about why our bodies are reacting in a specific way is knowledge that I will have for a lifetime.
Overall, I liked the ease of the program, with the gradual elimination of foods and the reasons for doing this. The recipes were very helpful when I tired of doing the same thing for dinner over and over. Most of them really made me branch out.

— Cindy, 38 (Clean Start Detox)

“The first two weeks were actually very easy. I was never hungry or suffering for lack of food. I immediately noticed an improvement in my mental clarity and energy. I originally was worried about the time food prep would take because after work meals were already a struggle – even making foods that we were familiar with. New foods, and fresh produce could only make that worse right? Wrong! The added energy I had made the dinner prep no problem. As a nice side effect, I lost about 15 pounds during the program!

— Lee, 30 (Clean Start Detox)

“Before starting the detox program, I didn’t have the energy to do the things I enjoy. I used all the energy I did have at my job, and by the time I got home, I just wanted to “relax” and do nothing.
I have had issues with psoriasis since I was a young adult, and within the first two weeks my flare-ups were significantly reduced. At this time, six weeks since the start of my detox program, my skin has not been this healthy in more than five years.
Now that I finished the program I feel WONDERFUL! I am still working on re-integrating different foods back into my diet, but continue to be amazed at how easy it has been to change my eating habits/life-style.

— Erin, 30 (Clean Start Detox)

“The most surprising thing is that a lot of my aches and pains are gone! I have had a burning pain in the back of my neck for years and it is gone! All that helps contribute to a more positive mood and increasing my workouts! My sleep is so much better too!

— Joanne, 55 (Clean Start Detox)

I can't wait to hear from you and get you started on your Vibrant Body adventure!