What if you could finally figure out a healthy lifestyle (that actually helps you resolve some health issues) while also getting to enjoy all the yumminess of life?

Hi! I’m Morella. For over 12 years I tried everything I could think of in search of the answer to this very question. 

Throughout my 20s and into my early 30s I had severe cystic acne and menstrual cycle problems.  It was horrible!  

I took the pills my doctor prescribed. No improvement.  I cut out dairy. No improvement. I became vegan. No improvement. I cut out gluten. No improvement. 

At times I felt it was totally hopeless. And it was painful to look at myself.

But once I started diving into how to truly HEAL my body through food, things started to change…

Between 2004 and 2007, I learned many things that I started to implement. To make a long story short, here’s what I discovered:

Between 2004 and 2007, I learned many things that I started to implement. To make a long story short, here’s what I discovered: 

My health issues were the result of the PERFECT STORM of:  

(1) A burdened liver  

(because of our environmental toxins) 

(2) An underperforming intestine 

(because of our processed food system, pesticides, sugar in our diet, etc. etc.) 

(3) High inflammation 

(because our western diet is basically pro-inflammatory) 

MOST of the health issues of our modern life  
are a result of this perfect storm!! 


And there’s one additional factor that also plays a role, especially for those of us who have a tendency to struggle with our weight or have a family history of diabetes… 

(4) Blood sugar issues & poor metabolic function 

(because our eating habits prime us for weight gain and diabetes) 


(including cancer)

Then when I became a clinical hypnotherapist in 2009, I realized that our subconscious beliefs, habits and emotional patterns keep the health issues we have in place… and make it very hard to change our lifestyle.  

To create vibrant health, it takes more than just food and exercise. 

On top of everything else I’ve learned over the years, here’s what else I know to be true…

#1:  Typical diets and exercise routines don’t address how your body heals. Most of them focus on what you can’t eat. 

++ You need to learn about food as healing. The reality is that you have the ability to activate your body’s essential healing functions by learning how to use food, herbs and supplements in the right way. 

#2:  Your subconscious mind is wired to keep you repeating patterns that have been in place for years (sometimes since childhood).  It’s easier to stay the same than it is to change.  

++ You need to uncover the subconscious habits, beliefs and emotions that drive your health. Then you can rewire yourself to create health and radiance with greater ease. 

#3:  Going it alone is WAY harder than getting support. 

++Even gifted athletes do better with structure, coaching and a supportive community. 

So… If you know your health could be better and you want to learn how to do it naturally…  

And you want to be able to enjoy your life while you get healthier…  

You’re in the right place.

Vibrant Body Teachable picture.jpg

I want to teach you how to reignite your body’s intrinsic ability to heal and thrive… so you can enjoy ALL of life. 


I know it can be super hard to figure it out on your own because it took me 10+ years to resolve my own health issues. It’s especially hard to know what to do because there are so many conflicting messages and diet approaches. 

It’s also hard to start on your own because we all have busy lives. Creating a plan on your own and get it going takes a lot of energy, discipline and commitment. So without the proper structure and support you simply don’t get started.  

And it’s super hard to stay consistent!  How often have you started a new diet, “healthy lifestyle” or exercise program, only to have it go by the wayside a few weeks later? 

This is why I created VIBRANT BODY, THRIVING LIFE.  

It’s is a 6-month program where I guide you, week by week, to create a new lifestyle that helps your body heal and thrive, while you ENJOY your life with all of its wonderful experiences.  

Who is it NOT for? 

  • This is NOT for people who want to count calories.  

  • This is NOT for people who are attached to all the reasons why they can’t be healthy.  

  • This is NOT for people who want “guaranteed results”.  

  • This is NOT for people who want a quick fix. 

Who is this program for? 

If you’re already dealing with health concerns such as … 

  • High cholesterol, arthritis, allergies or aches & pains (these are all inflammation issues) 

  • Trouble losing weight or have diabetes (these are issues with your metabolism) 

  • Acid reflux, constipation, indigestion, IBS or IBD (issues with your digestion) 

  • Frequent colds, sinus infections, skin problems or other aches & pains…  

Then I can tell you that VIBRANT BODY, THRIVING LIFE will help you!

What’s included? 

#1 You get 24-weeks of the step-by-step modules that walk you through the entire process to ignite your body’s healing and thriving  

This process takes you through strengthening the Four Pillars of health:  

  1. detoxification,  

  2. digestion,  

  3. inflammation reduction, and  

  4. optimal metabolism 

AND it also walks you through the process of uncovering your subconscious habits, beliefs and emotional patterns that got you to where you are today (and are wired to keep you there), so you can then create a new mindset for health.  

When you register, you get immediate access to all 24-weekly modules, and each module includes: 

  • Recorded instructions for each week 

  • Necessary handouts for that week 

  • Additional tools such as recipes, meditations, writing exercises and more, as applicable 

#2 You get 3 live coaching calls with me EVERY MONTH 

The first 3 weeks of every month, you will have access to open Q&A coaching calls, where you can get your questions answered and receive direct support for your needs.  

As soon as you register, you will get an email with instructions on how to join the live coaching calls with me.  These calls are not recorded. They only happen live.  

#3 You get to join a thriving community that shares your passion for health, and wants to support you and cheer you on

As soon as you enroll, you’ll be invited to join the Vibrant Body, Thriving Life Facebook community. In this private group, people…  

  • Share recipes and things they’ve discovered work for them 

  • Share successes and also ask for support when they need ideas or help in overcoming challenges 

  • Enjoy and share weekly inspiration  

The program and the community are ready and waiting for you.  All you have to do is register to get started.    

I’m launching the community officially on Monday November 5th, but you can get started with your program as soon as you register if you’re ready to jump right in!

What’s the cost?

You have two payment options: paying monthly or in one single payment… 

  1. Monthly: $149 per month for 6 months (In other words $149 x 6 = $894) 

  2. OR single payment of $594 (yes, you get a $300 discount for doing a single payment) 

I’ve priced it this way because I truly believe health should be accessible for everyone! 


You’ll also get these goodies to help you succeed:

  1. My e-booklet of favorite easy recipes.  They’re super easy and SO good.


2. A hard copy of my favorite anti-inflammatory recipe book: When you get to week 8 I will mail this to you. 

***This is not a book I wrote. It is a GIFT I will be sending you out of my pocket to help guarantee your success.

3. Access to my entire library of recorded meditations and teleclasses, so that at any point you can deepen your knowledge on any particular subject.

($245 - $35 each x 7)

that’s $280 in bonuses.

+ AND you get a 30-day money-back guarantee… 

This is my way to help you make the decision right now, rather than say “I have to think about it.”  Make the decision now, and if you change your mind within 30 days, you can ask for a 100% refund.  

All I ask of you is that you: 

  1. Complete all of the self-assessments at the start of the program 

  2. Follow the first 21+ days of the program 

  3. Give it your BEST effort 

And if after doing all of that, you believe you are not learning about how your body is always telling you what it needs, and learning how you can create better health, all you have to do is contact my support team and you’ll receive a 100% refund.  

I want you to succeed and I want to be a part of your success story too!

VIBRANT BODY, THRIVING LIFE is the result of years of my research and experience as a trained counselor, Certified Holistic Health Counselor, Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, and fellow human being. Many of my clients have gone through this program and experienced success!

Love for Vibrant Body, Thriving Life

About Morella Devost 


My two Masters Degrees (MA, EdM) in counseling provided the foundation with which I have been practicing counseling and coaching for the past 13 years.  

My certification in Holistic Health Counseling gave me the tools to provide nutrition coaching to my clients, and to help them understand how to use food as medicine, rather than viewing food as fuel (which is what most people are doing when they count calories.) 

And finally, my training as a hypnotherapist allows me to support my clients in the realm of the unseen subconscious mind, because everybody has deeply buried habits, emotions and beliefs that drive their behaviors… and it is VERY hard to change those behaviors through willpower alone.  

In this program, I bring in my counseling, nutrition coaching and hypnosis tools, to help facilitate the necessary lifestyle transformations that allow participants to heal and thrive.