Return To Wholeheartedness ~

A retreat to heal the wounds of the past.

It’s time to let go of the heaviness you've been carrying, my friend.  You know by now that it's not going to go away by not thinking about it, or pretending it didn't happen.

I want you to know that I too carried my own painful story for many, many years. I didn't know how to let it go. But after years of deep personal work, the sequence of exercises in this retreat came to me in a sort of revelation one morning. After taking myself through it, I have no longer been the old wounded me. 

I want you to be at peace with the past. I want you to be free of the triggers. I want you to get to the place where your story becomes a source of strength, not a source of pain.

It's time to feel whole again. Let's heal your whole heart together.


This beautiful 4-day journey will profoundly shift how you experience the story that has been painful for so long. You'll emerge feeling shifted to the core. This means you'll notice how you will be showing up differently in all of life. 

Here's a glimpse at what you'll be doing each day...

Day 1

  • Settle into your lodging, get some tea, explore the grounds and meet the other people in the group.
  • Together we will create a safe space for you and the everyone in the group, and you'll learn how to safely unpack painful stories without getting triggered.
  • Start paving the way to the sweetest, most beautiful outcome you want for this area of your life, and learn to create powerful subconscious hooks (called anchors) for your ideal outcome. These will start pulling you towards what you want, rather than working hard to overcome where you are.

Day 2

  • Go through a writing exercise that will turn around the way you experience yourself in your story, and will enable you to find your power from this story. You will start noticing greater ability to access peace that hadn't been possible before.
  • Be guided through a deep subconscious healing process where you will remove the programming that has held the story, the pain and the beliefs in place.
  • Experience a personalized healing session, helping your body release the old wounds at a cellular level.
  • You’ll end the day in a ceremony to release the old story in a powerful way.

Day 3

  • Learn a transformational forgiveness process where you discover the true meaning of forgiveness and how it frees YOU.
  • Move through mind-body exercises that will help you claim a new sense of power in your life, where you will feel yourself emerging into a new way of being. In this new state, you will start crafting the new chapter of your life.
  • Enjoy some time off to walk through the woods, integrating all of the healing you will have experienced.
  • End the day bathed in a group sound healing session with the magnificent Jonathan Carl Flemister. He'll send us to bed in a deeply serene state.
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Day 4

  • Complete the integration of your healing through a purposefully created chakra-yoga sequence that brings your full awareness to the integration of your healing into your body.
  • Permanently anchor all of the changes into your subconscious mind so you are no longer trying to feel differently but rather already knowing yourself as shifted.
  • Begin re-entry into your life and create a plan of action. Then we celebrate! 

After the retreat you'll have a special 30-minute follow-up session with me.

In other words, you can expect...

  • Thursday afternoon arrival. Sunday noon departure.
  • Mind-body-heart processes, writing exercises, meditations, energy clearings, essential oils and more.
  • Personalized healing session.
  • Mind-body tools to move through difficult emotions.
  • Free time for nature walks or hiking, napping, journaling, drawing, meditating, hot-tub relaxing, yoga, etc.
  • A custom essential oil blend, made for you by Tejbir Kaur. This oil will be an important tool to integrate the mental, emotional and physiological work you'll be doing.  
  • An enormous amount of unconditional care, compassion, love and support.

The retreat location...

  • Good Commons in Plymouth, Vermont (1:45 hours from Burlington; 2:45 from Boston) is a serene yoga-retreat center surrounded by the Green Mountain Forrest. The surrounding woods offer trails both for quiet meditative walks and vigorous hikes. Hot tub, steam shower and fitness room on the premises; as well as a lofty yoga studio and lots of quiet spaces to read, nap and meditate.  (* Let us know if you need a ride from Burlington. We can arrange group transportation.)
  • Our local, organic foods will be prepared by chef and owner Tesha Buss, who has worked with celebrity chefs over the years and is masterful at creating healing, restorative foods. She'll be pampering us with breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks throughout the day. 
  • The retreat center occupies an 1840's restored house, so it has all of the charm and coziness of Vermont country life. Accommodations range from private rooms, to double-occupancy rooms, to a spacious sleeping loft for a budget-friendly option.


... If you are ready to let go of a long-standing hurt.

... If you would like for those events to no longer feel so significant.

... If you suspect your health is affected by this story.

... If you’ve done therapy or self-help but you’re still not where you want to be.

the price & other details:

Yes, this is a significant investment and it is totally worth it. As one participant said, “I got more out of this than all of the years of therapy I did around this issue." This is a life-changing experience and there are many elements to making all of this happen.

The price for the workshop is the same for everyone, but you can choose what type of accommodations you prefer:

The workshop ticket is $945 + accommodations:  

  • $945 pays for the healing work and necessary support throughout workshop, an individual bodywork session, sound-healing, yoga, 30-minute follow up session with Morella, and some surprise goodies for you.
  • And if you sign up before September 30th, you'll receive an additional 90-minute private session with me
  • All of this is worth upwards of $2,500.
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Accommodation prices varies by room type:

  • Private room: $620 -  shared bathroom with another private room (2 rooms available) 
  • Double room: $470 ~ shared bathroom with other double rooms (3 rooms/6 people available) 
  • Sleeping loft: $300 ~ shared bathroom with loft-mates (9 people max) 
  • Accommodations include all meals, snacks and amenities at the retreat center.

Choose between 3 installments or 5 installments:

  • Once you click on the button of accommodation type you prefer, you'll be offered two payment options: 3-payments or 5-payments. Payments will be automatically charged monthly on the card you use to register.

  • Both payment plans add up to exactly the same amount.  

What past retreat participants have said: 

“If you have a hunch or slight inclination that you might benefit from this retreat, then I am confident you will! Morella has woven together multiple successful healing processes with years of experience and a lot of love to create this transformative experience. The emotional work coupled with the bodywork was positively beyond my expectation. I was so grateful for her presence, compassion and, more importantly, for the nudge to go deeper and really look at this wound from multiple angles.
At this point, I can honestly say that I am forever changed for the best. I am now able to reflect upon my past hurt with new eyes and a sense of completion that I didn’t think was possible. In my opinion, if you are reading this, you should sign up today. I trust you won’t regret it."
- Casey, 37
“The biggest impact of the workshop on my life is that it made me hopeful in a way that I haven’t in quite some time. The best part of the workshop was the writing exercises that helped you identify and drill down on feelings that you might not even be aware of having around incidents that you might not have previously considered to be fairly significant even though they may have stuck with you throughout your entire life from early childhood. Which was another thing I also enjoyed about the retreat, seeing how many of the things that other people were dealing with that stemmed from seeds planted at a very early age and knowing that I am not the only one.
The workshop is different from other workshops and retreats because it really has a lot to do with witnessing and you do your own work and other people simply make it easier/possible for you to do that with their kind supportive presence, that it is almost entirely feedback for you.”
- Marsya, 47
“The biggest impact on my life from this workshop is how much stronger I am emotionally and mentally. Morella skillfully walks you through steps in writing assignments that help you come to terms with what you’re at the retreat for. It was the most eye opening, heart rendering weekend of my life. You have to experience it for yourself…”
- Wendy, 51
“Morella, I hope you are not tired of hearing this, but you are so gifted and it is amazing work line that you are in!  ...I noticed how your 'meditations' are so powerful. The meditation that we did on the floor with the 'cutting the emotional cord, cocoon, etc. and the last day chakra meditation/poses. I think it’s a Huge tool that can help and be used over and over again even for perhaps new things, situation that come up…”
- Olga, 31
“What a powerful healing journey. Thank you for including me in this weekend and supporting me along the way. So much has shifted for me and the ease and peace I’m feeling is empowering.
A new man has entered my life. We had dinner together last night and he is such a sweet soul. Mutual nurturing all the way …  I’m making dinner for us tonight. He asked if I would like him to build us a campfire in the yard. OMG. My drawing!! My vision is already becoming a reality.
Thank you. I wanted to share this with you two…  who have touched my life in the most wonderful way.”
- Nina, 34

Have questions?

Will this work for my issue?

Many people have wondered if this will help with their particular issue. Of course I don't know what your personal story is, but I can tell you that people have worked on childhood trauma, relationship trauma, sexual abuse, abandonment, traumatic divorces, betrayal, and more.

What if I'm not sure what exactly I want to work on?

You don't have to be sure. We've had people come who aren't sure why they came. They just knew they had to come. 

One woman did the entire workshop feeling unsure that there was a specific event or issue they needed to heal. At the end of the workshop she said it was magnificent and she had a powerful healing experience anyway. 

Do I have to tell you my story? Do I have to share?

You will never need to talk about anything you don't want to talk about. Talking about your story is not necessary for healing. There WILL be exercises where you'll be invited to share your thoughts with a partner in the group, but at no time are you obligated to share anything you don't want to share. In fact, there have been people who've done the entire retreat and felt powerfully transformed and I NEVER knew what they were working on. 

Can I talk to you before I make a decision?

Of course! I so know what it's like to have a story you can't seem to get over, and how difficult it can feel to make the decision to come. I'm here to chat if you need to learn more about the process. Sometimes it's hard to trust that this might work for us and our unique experience. I can answer all of the questions you might have.  So if you'd like to chat, send me an email through this page and we'll make a plan to connect.

I can't come on the scheduled dates...

If you'd like to join us but you can't come on these dates, let me know by using this form, and you'll be the first to hear about the next retreat.