Doing Your Family Histogram


I promise you this is one of the most revealing and rewarding exercises you can do. 

It will help you get:

  • A deeper understanding of your beliefs and assumptions about life
  • Clarity around why you react the way you do in ALL aspects of life: relationships, career, health, money, etc.
  • Insights into where your subconscious patterns and habits come from and open the gateways to resolving stubborn problems in your life --such as why you are the way you are in relationships, in your career, with money, etc.

You will also find an even deeper appreciation and compassion for your ancestors than perhaps you've ever imagined. You'll come to see your family's story in a new light, with rich understanding of who you are within the tapestry of your family.

Here's what the process will look like:

  • You'll complete a form with a bunch of questions that will tell me about the members of your family.
  • You'll set up a 90-minute appointment for the two of us to meet 
  • I'll draft your histogram based on your answers, and we'll complete and perfect it when we meet
  • We'll have our 90-minute appointment where we'll fine-tune the histogram and I'll guide you in the telling of the story of your family. I'll have lots of deepening questions for you and through the process we will be able to extract some rich insights for you.
  • I'll mail your histogram and the notes from our session to you. I will also send you the recording of our session via email.

Ready to get started?

Step 1: Payment

This process is quite involved on my part, so I would normally charge $250 for it. But I'm really excited about doing more of these, so I'm extending a limited offer to do them with me in March for only $125. 

Step 2:  Complete your family info form

Once you process payment (through the button above), you'll be immediately directed to the form where you'll start filling out all of your family info. Easy peasy. 

Step 3:  Schedule your 90-min appointment  

On that form, you'll also have a link to my online calendar where you'll book a 90-minute appointment with me. Presto!

Step 4:  Do our family histogram appointment

Our appointment will take place over Zoom (a cool video-chat tool) where we'll both get to see your histogram together.

Step 5:  Receive your histogram + recording + notes 

I'll mail your histogram drawing plus the notes from our session, which will include any action steps that you may have identified during our session together.  You will also get the recording of our session via email.