Legal Waiver & Privacy Policy

I understand that the information provided in, or through, this website as well as the programs and services in which I choose to participate with Morella Devost and Transformation One, LLC (called Content), is for educational purposes and is not a substitute for medical advice, diagnosis or treatment.

I understand that Morella Devost (the Counselor) is not a medical doctor, licensed psychologist, or licensed health care professional. I understand that the Conselor makes no claims to any specialized medical treatments or results. 

I understand that every individual is unique and that the opinions expressed in the Content and/or by the Counselor may not be appropriate for me or my circumstances. I retain the use of my discretion to apply the Content for myself.

I understand that The Content and the Counselor's opinions do not replace that of my own health care professionals and are not intended to diagnose or treat any diseases. I understand that I am to utilize the Content in this spirit.

I understand that I have sole responsibility for the decisions I make regarding my diet choices, my lifestyle choices, and any supplements and herbs I choose to take. I understand that it is my responsibility to consult with my team of doctors regarding any changes I make, as they are the only ones in the position to assess the suitability of these changes as it relates to my health, as well as any possible interactions with medications they have prescribed.

I release Morella Devost, Thrive with Morella, Transformation One, LLC and her heirs from any and all claims of adverse effects that could result from changes I make as a result of my understanding of the Content and my participation in classes, programs or services.  

Privacy Policy

I understand that the Counselor will collect personal information from me related to my health and my personal affairs as I choose to share with her. I understand that the Counselor will not share any of this information with third parties without my express authorization, unless legally required to do so by subpoena. In understand that the nature of my relationship with the Counselor is strictly confidential, and no part of the content of this relationship will be disclosed to third parties without my consent. 

I understand that the Counselor my use parts of my case, my progress and possible successes in published articles, and that in all such cases my identity will always be kept hidden by never disclosing my name. 

I understand that all records of my work with the Counselor are kept electronically and that no paper records will exist of our relationship. All electronic records are kept encrypted on the Counselors' computer system and may be destroyed after 7 years following our work together.

I provide my information below as electronic signature to verify my understanding of this legal waiver and privacy policy.

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