Start Thriving Today!

I’m so happy to have you join the community of life-adventurers who are committed to mastering their own power to thrive in health and all of life.


Daily Affirmations for Thriving

You probably know that the thoughts and beliefs in your subconscious mind are driving what you experience in life. So affirmations are a wonderful way to start creating new neural-pathways in your brain for new beliefs that support what you want to experience.

I put these together to help you get started, but if you’d like to dive more deeply into your unique beliefs and thought patterns, you know where to find me ;-)

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A-List of Anti-inflammatory & Metabolism Optimizing Foods

This is the list of foods that helps you understand what most diets (i.e. Keto, Whole 30, Paleo, Vegan, Mediterranean…) have in common. It’s the foods right on this list! I suggest you print this list and put it on your fridge. Use the list as the foundation for your meal planning. Look-up recipes with these foods, and make these foods 80% of your diet and you will be amazed at what’s possible.

And if you need more help sorting out how to get your body HEALING, you know where you can find me ;-)

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Guided Meditation for Self-Love

Your food matters. Your thoughts and beliefs matter. And your emotions are the music you play to accompany the film of your life. If you’re playing the ‘music’ of loving emotions, your cells are encouraged to heal. If you’re playing the ‘music’ of negative feelings, your cells degenerate and suffer.

Learning to practice self-love is powerfully healing.

I invite you to listen to this guided meditation often. And if you know that you need help sorting through some emotions, here’s where you can find me. :)