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Healing #metoo

How do we create TRUE healing?


Since October we've been witnesses and participants in a powerful movement that seeks to rebalance the power dynamics that allowed for systemic sexual harassment and abuse to take place for decades, and even centuries.

Most of the focus of the movement is on the stories of men who abused women, but there are also many instances where victims were men and gender-queer people. 

The explosion of allegations, calling people out, and ending of people's careers might be warranted in many cases.

But while justice and fairness are necessary, and retribution can sometimes be satisfying, they do not constitute healing in and of themselves. 

How do we heal?

I invite you to join me in this evening webinar where I'll share with you:

  • A four-step journey that I have found can start the process of healing for victims of abuse (I am one too.) 
  • The ways in which we, as victims, can make it harder for ourselves to heal
  • How do we move beyond the unforgivable
  • They types of conversations men and women need to start having in order to create collective healing 

This is a conversation about healing...

Not just healing the wounds of sexual abuse and harassment, but also healing societal wounds that include the wounding of young boys who later became perpetrators. We need to tackle both, the individual and the collective.

This is a conversation about how through healing we create a new humanity.

I'd love to have you join me so we can start creating a ripple effect.

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