Quiz Results: BODY

There are three major obstacles that get in our way:

#1 The state of our health.  Our physical body.

#2 The quality of our mindset.  The conscious (and subconscious) thoughts we have.

#3 The quality of our emotions.  Both our conscious and buried emotions.


All three -- body, mind and heart - need to be in harmony in order for us to truly thrive in life.

We cannot thrive if our body is breaking down.

We cannot thrive if our thoughts are negative and bringing us down.

We cannot thrive if our emotions don’t allow us to find peace and joy in life.

Based on your answers, there are aspects of your physical health that need to improve in order to have the physical energy and wellbeing so you can thrive in all of life.

There are likely improvements you can make in your eating habits, fitness habits and self-care practices that will help your body to move into a place of constant regeneration and healing.

Your body is a magnificent, self-healing organism. All you need to do is give it what it needs and remove what brings it down.

You probably already know that an average diet will create average health. But the challenge is that most mainstream diets are still in the antiquated view of calories and points, rather than looking at getting your body healing through lowering inflammation, detoxification and boosting digestion. 

The other hugely important reason why you need to start with your body is that it is VERY hard to improve your mindset or address your emotional states if your body is under chronic stress, toxic or not entirely healthy. I mean think about it, how easy is it to feel upbeat and productive when you’re sick? Not much.

One place to start is to check out some of the health teleclasses I’ve taught over the years. They can be a great, easy starting point where you can learn more about how food really is medicine and the foundation for your health.