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Skin Healing: Creating Beautiful Skin from the Inside Out

April 2007

April 2007

This was me in the spring of 2007. I had severe cystic acne and I’d been battling it for over a decade.

As painful as it is to look at, you can imagine the pain of seeing myself in the mirror looking like that. For so many years nothing seemed to work. Which meant I went long stretches feeling completely hopeless.

If you have skin challenges yourself, you know how frustrating it can be when nothing seems to work.

When I took that picture, I was already doing many things right:

  • I was eating a very clean anti-inflammatory diet.

  • I had eliminated all chemical household cleaners and personal-care products.

  • I was starting to learn of the connection between liver health, gut health and skin health, and applying those things to my lifestyle.

But I still had acne breakouts like the one in the picture.

The final turning point was…

When I addressed the buried emotions underlying my acne.

In the fall of 2007, while attending a retreat in the Sedona dessert, I realized how much I had been carrying emotionally over the previous decade. At that retreat, I started the work of healing some profound emotional wounds and trauma.

Within weeks my acne was completely gone. For good.

This month, for the first time ever, I’m sharing what exactly I did in order to heal my skin.

You see, the things that helped me heal my acne are the same exact things that will heal nearly every skin condition.

Because 99% of skin issues (including autoimmune skin challenges) are the result of:



2. Accumulated TOXICITY




4. Buried EMOTIONS

Join me in this FREE webinar to learn the keys that helped me heal my skin in no time —after having struggled for over a decade!

My after picture :)

My after picture :)

I’ll be covering:

  • The best ways to help the body detoxify for clearer skin.

  • How to know if you have leaky gut and how to heal it.

  • My top 3 anti-inflammatory agents and easy anti-inflammatory lifestyle.

  • How to discover the emotions that are finding expression in your skin? And what are some ways to move through them?

I’ll also share with you what my natural skin care regime is like these days.

Register here:

And please spread the word to your loved ones! Anyone with acne, eczema, psoriasis, rosacea, skin dryness, etc. will find SO MUCH benefit from this class.

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The Alchemy of Health: 5 Principles To Restore Extraordinary Health

Live Webinar and Teleclass

You have greater power than you realize to create vibrant health, ALL THE TIME.

You just haven’t been taught how to be masterful in the creation of your health.

All of us were programmed since childhood to believe that the human body breaks down, gets sick; that it’s weak, and it needs “medicine” to fix it. None of this is true.


We are awakening to the reality that the body is run by an infinite intelligence, that it is tirelessly working to heal itself, and that it needs very little outside intervention to achieve and sustain vibrant health.

In this 60-90 minute online class you’ll learn about the 5 principles that help you become a masterful creator of vibrant health.

We’ll be covering…

  • The Alchemy of Food: how you can deliberately activate healing through the wisdom and chemistry of food.

  • The Alchemy of Self: how your core identity and way of being shapes the state of your health (or lack of it) … this is not about discipline, will power, or anything conscious. It’s FAR more profound. This is about the IDENTITY of YOU that vibrates in every cell.

  • The Alchemy of Light: how we have access to tools to accelerate healing.

We’ll also briefly touch on some of the disasters of our western “medicine” approach to health, so you can strengthen your resolve to become a masterful steward of your health, for life. And we’ll do a guided exercise to help you identify what obstacles might be in your way.

This class is COMPLETELY FREE!

Because I want you to simply book the time and commit yourself to joining me. You can register through the form below and you’ll get all the details:

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Crystal Light & Sound Healing Meditation


Experience one of the deepest, most restorative meditative states while you receive energy and sound healing. This experience has been described as:


            “I couldn’t feel where my body began or ended…”

            “I felt like you were at my crown the whole time and I had to convince myself that you could not have spent the whole session just on me…”

Morella & Jonathan found themselves co-creating this experience without really planning for it. They and the group were blown away by what took place.

In this restorative meditation, you will be bathed in the healing vibrations of gongs, tuning forks, chimes and other instruments facilitated by Jonathan Carl, while Morella channels the crystal light energy healing she’s received.

All of this, in addition to the intentions set by both the facilitators and everyone in the group, will create a container that will facilitate a profound meditation, the emergence of insights and answers related to your intention, and the clearing of energy blocks.


About the facilitators:

Morella is a counselor, coach and energy healer. She’s had a private practice helping clients heal physically, emotionally and spiritually since 2006. She’s a Reiki Master who also works with crystal light healing and other energy tools she’s received independently.

Jonathan Carl is a writer, wisdom speaker, gifted listener and sound alchemist.  He’s learned the magic of sound through his teachers in Tulum and New York City. He intuitively creates sound harmonics that clear spaces within and outside the body.

Cost:  $20

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