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The Alchemy of Health: 5 Principles To Restore Extraordinary Health

Live Webinar and Teleclass

You have greater power than you realize to create vibrant health, ALL THE TIME.

You just haven’t been taught how to be masterful in the creation of your health.

All of us were programmed since childhood to believe that the human body breaks down, gets sick; that it’s weak, and it needs “medicine” to fix it. None of this is true.


We are awakening to the reality that the body is run by an infinite intelligence, that it is tirelessly working to heal itself, and that it needs very little outside intervention to achieve and sustain vibrant health.

In this 60-90 minute online class you’ll learn about the 5 principles that help you become a masterful creator of vibrant health.

We’ll be covering…

  • The Alchemy of Food: how you can deliberately activate healing through the wisdom and chemistry of food.

  • The Alchemy of Self: how your core identity and way of being shapes the state of your health (or lack of it) … this is not about discipline, will power, or anything conscious. It’s FAR more profound. This is about the IDENTITY of YOU that vibrates in every cell.

  • The Alchemy of Light: how we have access to tools to accelerate healing.

We’ll also briefly touch on some of the disasters of our western “medicine” approach to health, so you can strengthen your resolve to become a masterful steward of your health, for life. And we’ll do a guided exercise to help you identify what obstacles might be in your way.

This class is COMPLETELY FREE!

Because I want you to simply book the time and commit yourself to joining me. You can register through the form below and you’ll get all the details: