Daisy in Mr. Cat's Bed

Daisy in Mr. Cat's Bed

How would your relationship with your body change if you looked at it as having a soul of itself?

Let’s try this experiment: think of a child or pet you really love and cherish. The innocence of the child or pet helps you feel the purity of your well-wishes towards them. Feel all of the good, joy and  wellbeing you wish for them. Hold them in your heart for a moment.  (If you’re having a hard time choosing someone, you can imagine Daisy on the right. She was my sister’s sweet yellow lab.)

Now take a minute to close your eyes and do the experiment so you can feel your heart opening.

Got it?  Ok, let those sweet feelings brew and expand in your heart for a bit as you read along.  

Now let’s talk about your body for a little bit. Think of the fact that your body performs millions of functions every single minute throughout the course of your life. From the moment you were conceived, until the moment you die, there is an endless flow of intelligent activity taking place. This requires NO effort from you.

Your body has inherent wisdom that is separate from your awareness.

Your body beats your heart. It breathes. It carries oxygen to cells. It digests the foods you eat. It heals damaged cells. It sends messages throughout your body that allow you to feel a loved one’s skin or recognize their scent when you are near them. I creates a flood of little sensations that you experience as excitement, or joy, or alert and warning, etc., etc.

Your body is a miraculous vehicle.

Your body allows you to listen to music, and be moved by poetry; to kiss and hug a loved one; to distinguish the difference between the tastes of strawberries and vanilla ice cream, and even notice how wonderful they can be together. Your body appreciates jokes and gives you belly laughs… the list is of extraordinary experiences your body can have is literally infinite.

Your body is also perfectly benign and perfectly innocent.

Whether you eat fast-food every day or you eat an all-organic “mediterranean” diet (or whatever you choose), your body will do the best it can with what you give it. It will not judge you or shame you. It will still diligently work to heal your cells as much as it can.

When you start to connect with the wisdom, magic and even innocence of your body, you begin to tap into a deeper reverence for the magnificent experience that having a body actually is!

That awe and reverence will awaken a greater desire to nurture that precious body of yours.

Let’s go back to the experiment to wrap things up.

Go back to the feeling for that beloved child or pet you thought of earlier. The one for whom you wish nothing but the best. Notice the sweet innocence and perfection of that being, and allow your love for them to expand in your heart.

Now imagine directing those feelings towards your body. Think of the magic and innocence of your body, and become aware of its own wisdom. Imagine your sweet body receiving that love from you.

Close your eyes and notice how you can be aware of both the love you are directing towards your body and the sensation of your body receiving it.

What do you notice?  How are you relating to your body in this moment?

Leave a comment below! I’d love to hear what came up for you.

Remember, every cell in your body responds to your thoughts and emotions!