5 Gifts I Gave Myself In Ireland… that are bound to change my life

As you may know from my last blog post, I’ve been moving through deep grief in the past few months. And even though I’ve been finding some wonderful gifts brought about by the process of grief, it also gets quite crushing and I needed something to help me reset.

So I went to Ireland for twelve days.

The initial impetus for the trip was to …

The Biology of Belief

Do you know that you have power even over the so-called “incurable”?

And did you know that perhaps there is no such thing as incurable?

It probably doesn’t sound possible to you because we’ve been so programmed by the paradigms of western medicine. Whether we’ve heard these words directly told to us about our health or in general, I’m sure you’ve heard a version of these frequently-repeated messages:

  • “There’s no cure for that”

The 9 Healthy Habits That Make My Life Better & Better

Last week we talked about life goals and how they’re intrinsically tied to a healthy lifestyle.

Most of us get on the healthy-lifestyle bandwagon when our bodies start breaking or complaining (show of hands? Me.) There’s another breed of folks, the high-achieving superstars, who just know that stellar health is critical for excellence in life... and they get after it.


On Sunday I received a message that threw me into a tailspin of feeling sorry for myself. Within five minutes of receiving the message, I was in tears. Why would this happen to me?

Then I caught myself. I know enough about emotions that I could see the story I was telling myself in my head. It was the story that was fueling the feelings of self pity.

So then I asked the most powerful question I have ever asked.