The Spaciousness, Joy & Energy of a Resounding YES!


We learn to put up with a lot in life. We learn to accommodate. We learn to compromise. We learn to plow through all manner of things that we would rather not do.

A lot of this we learn in childhood. With time, we lose touch of our deepest inner truths. We get used to plodding through the routine of have to’s.

Then when one day you find yourself in the midst of deep grief, you suddenly find crystal clear clarity between what’s a ‘yes’ and what’s a ‘no.’ 

You have zero tolerance for ‘maybe’... for ‘I guess I can do that’... for ‘why not?’ 

You find that only the things that are a resounding yes are possible for you, because in grief your depletion is so absolute that only a resounding yes will energize you... anything else is an enormous energy expense.

A resounding yes flows with ease 💕

A resounding yes brings you joy 💕

A resounding yes gives you life 💕

As I reflect on this and notice the freedom of letting go of maybe, and why not, I realize:

This is how we’re supposed to do life, relationships, work, investments, marketing, sales, eating, playing...

Life feels lighter, simpler, more joyful when we clear the decks from anything and EVERYTHING that is not a resounding yes.

I invite you to test it out. I’m finding life pouring through me with greater ease the more I do it.