Are you a closet pessimist like I used to be?

I guess instead of saying I used to be one, I should say that I'm still in recovery.  :)

Just this week I found myself waking up in the middle of the night thinking about all the ways in which my life was going to hell in a hand-basket!

For a long time I was a closeted pessimist.

I didn't even know I was a pessimist. I was just trying to get on with my life but always wondering why everything was so f**ing difficult!

Maybe you too are a closet pessimist and you don't even know.

Let me tell you what this looks like.

  • You tend to look at the imperfections and what needs to be fixed... in your career, relationships, finances, health...

  • And if things are fine today, you still might think about what could go wrong.

  • You are critical of yourself in a million ways: your body, your work, the kind of friend you are, how much you help your community. You see your weaknesses more than you acknowledge your strengths.

  • You don't get your hopes up so as to not be disappointed... and you don't share your goals with people, so nobody will know when you don't achieve them.

  • You quietly doubt that good, amazing, miraculous things will come to you.

More often than not, you're in the experience of what's lacking or what needs fixing rather than the joy of what is present.

A couple of nights ago, I woke up in the middle of the night in full-on funk mode.

Except that now I know better.

I know full well that continuing to think negative thoughts never leads to outcomes I want.

Instead of believing all of the stories pouring through my mind, I observed them and myself. I noticed a sensation in the center of my chest. It felt like a lead marble. It felt like the core negativity that colored most of my life.

I began to calm myself and clear the energy in my chest. Not by arguing with the voices, but by stating profound spiritual truths.

"I am safe. I have everything I need and then some."

"I am the oneness of all of life."

"Life is eternal, and so am I. The universe moves through me."

Within a few minutes, I noticed I was starting to fall back asleep; completely calm. I had chosen to direct my thoughts towards a higher vibration that would pull me out of the funk.

I woke up and continued my clearing work, facilitating for myself the processes I use with my clients all the time.

These negativity patterns come from your subconscious mind.

Most of them get well established at a very young age, or even before birth. They can also be the product of traumatic experiences.  

Clearing these patterns is never about reasoning yourself back to sanity.

Clearing them requires knowing how to change the core vibration of the pattern.

Truth statements can be a powerful start. Like what I did in bed to get myself back to sleep.

I call them truth statements because although they essentially are affirmations, affirmations can be very weak. A truth statement resonates in your core as truth. There's no debating it and it raises your thoughts quickly.  

By contrast, affirmations often sound like wishes. They tend to be aspirational, so when you say them, a part of you doesn't believe them. The weakest affirmations are the ones that simply state the opposite of what's freaking you out.

For example, if you're freaking out about money, saying "I have no money;" a weak affirmation would be to say, "I am abundant." A big part of you doesn't believe that's true in this moment, so it rejects it.

Or if you have health issues and you're thinking, "I'm tired of struggling with this _____," saying "I am healthy and vibrant," is not very helpful. Instead, you can say, "life pours through me every day, I am open to finding the right resources to helps me."

Get it?

Do an inventory of the dire thoughts that float through your mind. Then create a truth statement to get you into a higher place of thinking.

Paraphrasing Einstein, problems cannot be solved at the level of thinking in which they were created.

This is just a start.

There's much more you can do to let free yourself of the pessimist inside.

I did some massive clearing this week and then got adjusted by my favorite chiropractor.

If you're ready for some serious life-changing mindset shifts, then set up a discovery session. Let's look at what's up!