The Biology of Belief


Do you know that you have power even over the so-called “incurable”?

And did you know that perhaps there is no such thing as incurable?

It probably doesn’t sound possible to you because we’ve been so programmed by the paradigms of western medicine. Whether we’ve heard these words directly told to us about our health or in general, I’m sure you’ve heard a version of these frequently-repeated messages:

  • “There’s no cure for that” (i.e. autoimmune conditions)

  • “You’re going to have to learn to live with that” (i.e. spinal cord injuries)

  • “It’s in your genes” (i.e. high cholesterol, breast cancer, etc.)

Despite western medicine being stuck in a paradigm where they see the body as weak, sometimes genetically flawed, often breaking down for no apparent, and in need of external interventions… the reality is that since 1968 there’s been a vast and growing body of scientific research that irrefutably disproves all of these assumptions.

In fact, the field of epigenetics and stem-cell biology have proven that:

  • Your genes are not the end-all, be-all. In other words, your genes are NOT your fate.

  • Your gene expression is determined by your environment + the foods you eat + the thoughts you think + the emotions you feel

  • Your body responds to your thoughts and therefore the WORST things any doctor could possibly say are, “this is incurable” or “you have _____ to live.”

  • We can change and reverse even the seemingly “incurable”

I knew this to be true in my gut for many years. But my world was rocked when I first came across the books by Bruce Lipton. In case you don’t know him, Bruce is a molecular biologist who did stem-cell research as far back as the 1960s, and he was a tenured teacher at the medical schools at the University of Wisconsin and later Stamford University.

His first book, The Bilology of Belief should be a must-read for anyone with a chronic health issue, as he provides all of the scientific, biological explanation for exactly HOW it is that our thoughts and our emotions are the most powerful influences on our health… for better AND for worse.

If you’re a follower of this blog, you may recall that I met Bruce in person back in August. It was quite literally a dream come true in more than one way.

For one, having been a fan of his work for the better part of a decade, meeting him was a treat.

But most significantly is the actual dream I had of meeting him. Sometime this past spring I had a dream that I attended a conference and he was there. Afterwards, I brought my Biology of Belief book backstage for him to sign. In the dream, we chatted and soon were laughing. And in the dream, I heard myself think, “this is SO cool! I’m best friends with Bruce Lipton!”

I woke up chuckling about my dream and my proclamation, so it really stood out in my memory.

Here I am with my “bestie” :)

Here I am with my “bestie” :)

Imagine my surprise when only a couple days later, I received a copy of the Kripalu conference center catalogue with Bruce’s face on the cover!

I learned that he would be leading a workshop in August and when I told my husband about it, he said, “great! That means I have a fishing weekend coming up!” Ha ha… That was all the confirmation I needed to set myself in motion to go meet my “new best friend.”

So I went and I met him. He signed my books AND he gladly accepted to be my guest on my show!


So this coming December 4th, I’d like to invite you to join me at 1:00 pm EST to watch me interview Bruce Lipton live on TV, radio and Facebook.

Watching him speak will open your mind and challenge your beliefs about what’s possible for your health, wellbeing and happiness with your life.

And will you help me spread the word? Please tell your friends about this event and share with them how to watch:

I am both giddy and a little nervous about interviewing Bruce, but I know how extraordinary he is and I don’t want you to miss this!