The Power of ONE Word & The Commitment To Do Magic

For several years, I’ve practiced choosing ONE word to encapsulate my intentions for the year.

I’ve found this to be a profound, powerful experience so I created a little video on my YouTube channel as an invitation for you to choose one word as well. You see, I believe that all of us (you, me and everyone else on the planet) are being called to step up to a new level of mastery.

Are you ready to step up to a new level of mastery in 2019 that shows up as greater thriving in every dimension of your life?

In the spirit of my word for 2019, I’ll be teaching a free online class:

The Alchemy of Health

January 29th at 7:00 pm EST via Zoom webinars. (You can watch on your computer or listen on your phone)

I’ll be talking about how mastering the Alchemy of Health (Alchemy is the transformation of matter… so alchemy of health is the transformation of health) typically involves three stages that are somewhat sequential:

  1. The Alchemy of Food

  2. The Alchemy of Self

  3. The Alchemy of Light

Want to learn more?

This class is FREE. I hope you’ll join me!

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