Quiz Results: HEART

There are three major obstacles that get in our way:

#1 The state of our health.  Our physical body.

#2 The quality of our mindset.  The conscious (and subconscious) thoughts we have.

#3 The quality of our emotions.  Both our conscious and buried emotions.


All three -- body, mind and heart - need to be in harmony in order for us to truly thrive in life.

We cannot thrive if our body is breaking down.

We cannot thrive if our thoughts are negative and bringing us down.

We cannot thrive if our emotions don’t allow us to find peace and joy in life.

Based on your answers, it’s apparent that you are carrying some hurts that you have not been able to release.

The wounds we carry in our heart can have long-standing effects. I know all too well myself.

The good news is that they can be healed without having to rehash them, re-live them or talk about them much. That’s what I’ve been helping many people achieve through the power of tools that work directly through the subconscious mind (like EFT, NLP and guided visualizations.)

Come check out the Healing Your Joyful Heart programs. We can either work privately, you and me, or you can come to one of my Wholehearted Retreats where people have resolved long-standing wounds and trauma like never before.

Your heart is meant to be at peace and joyful all the time, with the obvious small stressors of life. But your natural state is peace and joy.

Are you ready to discover what a truly joyful heart feels like?

Set up a Discovery Session with me so I can tell you more about how we can work together. Healing your heart is necessary, and it can be a beautiful journey.