Think back to the foods you ate as a child or teenager. How do you think your body would feel (and look) if you ate like that now?

Your body is changing all the time, and what worked for you even a few years ago may not be working any longer.

Unfortunately, many people overlook the calls for help that their bodies are sending.

What’s your body saying to you?

I recently joined Dave Smith on the Make Your Body Work podcast where we talked about gut health, body changes over time, and how to identify and interpret the signals your body is giving you every single day.

Some of the things we discussed include:

  • What are my main super powers!  

  • Why it’s so easy to get stuck in a rut ...why you actually don't have a will power issue.

  • The 2 essential steps to healing your digestive tract …whether it’s IBS or something else.

  • The 2 different diet protocols that you can look up right now and get started tomorrow if you’re ready.

  • The MOST overlooked aspect of digestive health with examples from 2 of my clients.

  • The #1 most underestimated health habit that is absolutely essential for healing. Your body simply cannot heal without it.

You can listen to our discussion below, and check out the episode show notes here.