If there is ever anything that makes me holler "aaaaaaaaarggggghhhhhh!!!!!" in wretched frustration it's the exhausting allergy attacks I get from time to time.

In the past 2 weeks I've had 4 days of allergy attacks.

All-day-long sneezing, non-stop leaking from my nose, :( and insanely intense face, nose and eye itchiness. If you've had these types of allergy attacks you know what I'm talking about.


They're so bad, that Justin, in the middle of one said attack asked me, "would you like me to take you behind the barn?"

He was referring to how Grandpa Devost would often say in light of witnessing someone being miserably sick, "if I'm ever that bad, take me behind the barn and shoot me!" In other words, my sweet husband was jokingly asking if I wanted to be put out of my misery! :(

"Yes please," I replied in self-pity.

And then, the very next day as I was well into another intense allergy-attack journey, I had a life-changing experience.

I was able to stop the allergy attack DEAD IN ITS TRACKS. Gone. No more sneezing. No more itching. No more runny nose. No more clogged nasal passages.

Mind you, that had NEVER happened before. In my decades-long allergic history, my attacks only go away after a good night's sleep.

But last week I was victorious!

And I'm sure you'd like to know what I did.

I applied my consciousness tools, EFT and energy work.  

Lo and behold, it turns out my work actually works! I texted Justin, giddy with excitement.

Two days later I had another attack.  WTF?! Again?! Justin suggested I start my EFT pronto, but I did't do it. The result:  day-long allergy attack that left me with a raw nose, leaking all through our lovely dinner with my in-laws.

The cobbler's children have no shoes, right?

So I'm learning from my experience. I'm treating myself with compassion. Taking myself under my own wing and paying attention. I know that I'm on the verge of a big shift with my allergies and I want you to benefit from that.

Therefore, I have 5 things to share today.

It's what I'm currently doing and it's helping hugely. Put them to use and I'll share more in another post:

1. Sleep and meditate.  

Allergies cause a huge overstimulation of your nervous system and immune system. Take 5 minutes to sit in silence, breathing deeply even if it's through your mouth. Take a 15 minute nap. Your nervous system and nose will thank you.  

2. Drink lots of water.  

It's crazy how much water can be drained through your sinuses. Drink water to support your immune system's flushing.

3. Eat as cleanly as you can.

Sugar, dairy and wheat are not the best things to be eating when you're having allergies -even if you don't think you are allergic to them. They do tax your immune system, and allergic reactions are all about your immune system overreacting to something innocuous (i.e. dust or grass or pollen) as if it were a threat to your life.

4. Do EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique)

EFT is a powerful tool that can change physical symptoms in a matter of minutes. I'll share a track with you next week so you can use it if you're not familiar with EFT.

5. Ask yourself: what is this REALLY about?  

Just today I had a big realization about my allergies. I'll save that for the next blog post. HINT: Your logical mind may want to say, "well, it's about being allergic to ___ (insert allergy source)" but in reality it's less about that and more about something else.

Allergies are the quintessential "overwhelm" response. Your body is overwhelmed by seemingly simple things: a strawberry, a bit of pollen, a piece of cheese. And if you've ever had allergies, you know exactly that physical sensation of the allergy overwhelm.

More on the next post.

In the meantime, rest, drink water, eat clean, do EFT and ask yourself, "what is this REALLY about?"