Last week I shared with you my 5 basics for dealing with my allergies. This summer they were getting really bad.

But then it's like I was hit with the proverbial two-by-four!

It dawned on me...

"How is it that I keep telling people that their minds and their emotions have greater power on their body than everything else (yes, even more power than food) and I'm not tackling my allergies the way I should be?"

Honestly, I was feeling like a little bit of a hypocrite and behaving as though I didn't really believe in what I preach. So I took myself to task and I did some EFT (aka. tapping) on my allergies.

And what do you know?

My massive allergy attack stopped dead in its tracks. Gone.

Since then, they've been getting better and better. I don't need to do EFT as much and I'm observing what comes up on the first onset of symptoms.

So here are 2 videos to answer the two questions I posed last week and I left open:

  1. What do I mean when I suggest you ask yourself, "what are these allergies really about?"

  2. How to do EFT on your allergies.

The next video is a sample sequence for allergies that you can follow along. If you've never done or seen EFT, I'll preface it by saying that it looks odd :)  and what we're doing is tapping on meridian points (the same as acupuncture or acupressure points) while we resolve inner conflict relating to whatever emotion or sensation we are experiencing.

Here's another video where I explain the technique a little bit before doing a sequence for pain.