Have you ever found that you might be constantly trying to “fix yourself”?

I definitely used to! For most of my life, I had an attitude of fixing myself.

I’ve known this for some time, and I’ve observed that my internal attitude towards most things is to try to make them better. I am constantly looking at what I need to improve.

On any given day, I might be looking at what needs to improve in my health, my weight, my fitness, my relationship, the tidiness in my home, my finances, my productivity, etc. There’s always room for improvement.

Do you find that you do this too?

It sounds like a good thing, right? After all, in our culture, we value striving for success and doing better.

But there’s a problem with this.

It comes down to your internal attitude. What mindset you hold as you seek to improve is a greater factor in your success than the actions you take.

There can be two radically different mindsets that lead to the actions of trying to improve. Even if the actions look similar, one mindset leads to incredible results, the other mindset leads to stagnation and frustration.

Let’s look at my attitude towards my health as an example. Let’s start with the actions. This is my morning routine that I ebb and flow with:

  • Wake up around 5:30 am

  • Start oil pulling (swishing coconut oil in my mouth for 20 minutes, for detoxification and oral health)

  • While I’m oil-pulling, I do some light skin brushing

  • Then I use an oil to moisturize my skin 

  • Step into the shower and take care of all of the parts that are not oiled up; you know… the essentials ;-)  Hot water also helps the skin absorb the oil.

  • As I get dressed and make the bed, it’s typically time to spit out the oil. I then use my tongue scraper.

  • Go down to the kitchen and drink a tall glass of water with the juice of half a lemon. Sometimes I also add psyllium, bentonite clay and take a probiotic.

  • Make tea and likely prepare lunches for me and Justin

All of these actions are great and healthy, and I’ve done them many times. But this morning I noticed something wonderful that prompted me to share:

I performed my entire morning routine with a profound feeling of love and self-care. I was pampering my body and enjoying the ritual of taking good care of me.

My attitude of self-care is the most healing thing out of all of my routine.

I noticed it this morning and I felt appreciative of how much I’ve changed over the years. In the past, I used to perform this same routine, but my attitude throughout was more like a chore in order to fix the things that were not doing well in my body.

Do you see the radical difference?

When you’re in a place of love and self-care, these things feel like a luxury and you feel grateful towards yourself for taking such good care of your body.

When you’re in a place of fixing yourself, you’re often fixated on what is wrong with your body, and these same actions feel more like a ‘to-do’ list.

Have you looked at this before? Have you paid attention to your inner attitude?

Are you fault-finding and doing things to fix your body?

Or are you taking loving care of yourself, and really feeling the love?

When it comes to your health, you can do all of the right things on the outside, but if your internal attitude is not the right one, you will end up wondering why you’re not getting the outcomes you’re expecting.

If you’re experiencing more frustration than success in your health, drop me a note and let’s chat about it.  My work is becoming more and more rewarding because my clients are diving deeper into the subconscious mindset and emotions that seem to be driving their health.

And it’s not always perfect. I still slip and catch myself in “fix it” mode, but now I know what it feels like and I can quickly switch my attitude.

I’ll leave you with a question to chew on. Ask yourself: what might be the driving mindset and emotion in your health?

Let me know what comes up for you.