Slaying Demons Like Princess Leia

Remember the scene in Return of the Jedi, when Princess Leia frees herself from Jabba the Hut? 

I LOVE that scene because it's not only masterful storytelling, it's also an extraordinary metaphor for how we each can slay our inner demons. 

Which demons?

The ones that you are currently dragging around with you. They're the weight of past painful events that you haven't yet been able to let go of. 

This could be a dry process to lay out for you, but using Leia for inspiration really brings it to life. Just watch...

This is powerful stuff that you can do too! 

Join me for a deeper dive into the important yet difficult topic of forgiveness. It's a free evening chat I'm doing where I'll walk you through the exercise I mention in step 3 (in the video.)

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