Creating Beautiful Skin From The Inside Out

Don’t ask me why I’ve never squarely focused on skin health. I guess it might have been a reaction to having acne take the center stage of my awareness for so many years, that once it was resolved, I didn’t want to have my work revolve around it.

But it’s time. I feel like I owe it to so many people who haven’t figured it out yet, who still are battling skin challenges.

We start with this: Stop doing what doesn’t work.

Join me on the 26th!

I’m doing a free webinar where I’ll spell out all of the steps that were involved in completely resolving my acne. For good.

These 4 strategies are the same ones required for all skin challenges. Whether it’s exzema, psoriasis or something else.

You can find the details for the workshop and register here.


A few weeks ago, as I was promoting my spring detox (mostly because I wanted to do a detox and I know that doing it with a group keeps me more committed and inspired :), I decided to post about it on Facebook.

I created a post on my business page and then clicked on the boost button, which is a form of paid advertising. Sometimes they review the post to be sure it's not offensive or against FB policy and then they approve it.

A few hours after boosting my post, I got notice that it was not approved because it violated FB policy.

I was puzzled. Why was it not approved? What about it violated their policy?