E.57: The Journey to Worthiness & Self-Love

with Keele Burgin


Episode Notes:

We all have had experiences in life that have left us feeling broken. Keele Burgin lived through horrible childhood abuse that left her shattered.  Her new memoir, Wholly Unravelled, tells the story of how she escaped her abusive father and the religious cult they were a part of, how she then ran into drug addiction and self destruction, to finally find a path towards healing and self-love at a remote Catholic community. 

In our conversation, Keele talks about:

  • What she tells young women who need to escape abuse...

  • How she found the courage to disconnect from her family of origin...

  • Why it was so scary to be vulnerable with the man who loved her deeply...

  • What forgiveness means and why she was able to forgive her parents...

  • The horrific response of the priest to whom she told she had been raped, and how that was a massive turning point for her... 

  • What the Catholic church means to her...

  • How we can collectively stem domestic violence... 

Her memoir, Wholly Unravelled, is available now.  You can learn more about Keele’s work through her website,

E.32: Forgiveness: The Key to Healing & Thriving

with Morella Devost


Episode Notes:

Morella talks about forgiveness:

  • The misconceptions around forgiveness that make it hard to forgive

  • A new definition of forgiveness that makes it more accessible

  • The process to free ourselves from pain, resentment, shame and/or guilt (aka. arriving at complete forgiveness)

Do you have thoughts or questions about forgiveness that you’d like to discuss with me? Do you need help forgiving someone or something? Is there something you haven’t been able to let go of?

Feel free to reach out, I’d be delighted to speak with you.