E.61: Healing at the Root Cause

with Dr. Andrea Fossati, MD


You can also watch this interview on YouTube:


Episode Notes:

Dr. Andrea Fossati, M.D. talks about:

  • What is integrative medicine, how it’s different from the traditional medical approach… and how it leads to different outcomes…

  • How it helps autoimmune conditions, fibromyalgia, cancer, and other conditions…

  • Why food matters…

  • What vital test they do that most doctors don’t order…

  • Does sugar really fuel cancer…

  • The role of leaky gut…

  • How trauma and adverse childhood experiences show up in health issues…

To learn more about Dr. Fossati’s practice, you can visit: https://www.uvmhealth.org/medcenter/provider/andrea-t-fossati-md

E.60: Thriving WITH a Terrible Diagnosis

with Celeste Watkins-Hayes


Episode Notes:

How does one THRIVE in spite of an HIV positive diagnosis? Or any other life-threatening diagnosis, for that matter?

Celeste Watkins-Hayes shares what she's learned over 15 years tracking the lives of more than 100 women living with HIV/AIDS:

  • How they go from "dying from", to "living with", to "thriving despite"...

  • How they turn “marginalized” into “meaningful”…

  • The power of owning your story to reclaim your power…

Her book, Remaking A Life: How Women Living with HIV/AIDS Confront Inequality, is available now.

E.59: Race, Family, Drugs & Other Life Challenges

with Carla Rachel Sameth


Episode Notes:

Carla Rachel Sameth talks about what she's learned from living through:

  • Multiple miscarriages, fertility treatments and tumultuous relationships...

  • Being a lesbian, jewish mom to her African-Jewish son in Los Angeles...

  • Having her nose broken by an LA Police officer and spending 8 hours in custody because she struggled to find her subway ticket in her bag…

  • Having “the talk” with her black son about how to behave when the police show up…

  • The terror of having a teenage son gripped by drug-addiction...

Carla's memoir, One Day On The Gold Line, is available now: https://carlasameth.com/books/

E.58: Raising Money-Savvy Kids

with John Lanza


Session Notes:

Parents! Are you raising money-savvy, money-empowered kids? John Lanza, author of The Art of Allowance, talks about:

  • The biggest mistakes parents make when it comes to teaching kids about money...

  • The allowance debate...

  • His 3-jar allowance system...

  • Teaching kids about compound interest...

  • How to teach kids about budgeting, expense tracking and even negotiation!

For more details on John’s book and money programs, visit his website: https://themoneymammals.com/

E.57: The Journey to Worthiness & Self-Love

with Keele Burgin


Episode Notes:

We all have had experiences in life that have left us feeling broken. Keele Burgin lived through horrible childhood abuse that left her shattered.  Her new memoir, Wholly Unravelled, tells the story of how she escaped her abusive father and the religious cult they were a part of, how she then ran into drug addiction and self destruction, to finally find a path towards healing and self-love at a remote Catholic community. 

In our conversation, Keele talks about:

  • What she tells young women who need to escape abuse...

  • How she found the courage to disconnect from her family of origin...

  • Why it was so scary to be vulnerable with the man who loved her deeply...

  • What forgiveness means and why she was able to forgive her parents...

  • The horrific response of the priest to whom she told she had been raped, and how that was a massive turning point for her... 

  • What the Catholic church means to her...

  • How we can collectively stem domestic violence... 

Her memoir, Wholly Unravelled, is available now.  You can learn more about Keele’s work through her website, KeeleBurgin.com

E.56: Panic Free - A 10-Day Method

with Tom Bunn, LCSW


Episode Notes:

Do you get panic attacks? Have fear of flying or riding in elevators? How about driving through tunnels or bridges?

A former air force and airline pilot who became a therapist tells us about the program he developed to help people tackle their fear of flying.

We talk about:

  • How to use oxytocin to stop anxiety from even starting…

  • His technique for associating the calming, soothing presence of a loved one with each of the triggering moments that could lead up to a panic attack…

  • Why our early childhood is what sets people off to experience panic and anxiety...

  • The 5 - 4 -3 - 2 - 1 exercise that can stop the pattern of anxiety-provoking thoughts…

His new book, Panic Free: The 10-Day Program to End Panic, Anxiety, and Claustrophobia is available now..

E.55: Rebuilding Life After Total Loss

with Karen Auvinen


Episode Notes:

Award-winning poet and author Karen Auvinen tells us about her new memoir, Rough Beauty: Forty Seasons of Mountain Living.

  • How she lost everything when her cabin burnt to ashes...

  • The role of Elvis, her husky in her life...

  • Finding love unexpectedly... and where that went...

  • How resistance makes all of life harder…

Her book Rough Beauty is a captivating, beautiful read and it’s available now.

E.54: Feed Your Soul... Not Just Your Body

with Carly Pollack


Episode Notes:

Award-winning holistic nutritionist Carly Pollack talks about her book Feed Your Soul: Nutritional Wisdom to Lose Weight Permanently and Live Fulfilled. In the conversation, Carly talks about:

  • Her personal struggles with weight loss until she realized that losing weight is about more than just eating less and exercising; 

  • Why there's no single diet that is right for everyone, nor one that is right for any single person ALL the time.

  • The importance of paying attention to the thoughts and emotions underlying weight struggles and the desire to go on a diet.

  • Why self-care is essential to weight loss, and how true self-care arises from self-love. 

  • The role of "manifesting" in achieving optimal weight and good health.

  • The role of gratitude and how dropping “love bombs” on other people helps you achieve your goals.

You can find more information about Carly’s services at her website: www.CarlyPollack.com


E.53: The Healing Power of Sisterhood

with Jessica Barnum


Episode Notes:

Yoga teacher, Reiki Master, and English teacher, Jessica Barnum talks about the sisterhood she started:

  • What "Goddess Gigs" consist of.

  • The beauty of showing up vulnerably, with open hearts, and wanting to know what is true for each sister, whatever is going on for her in her life.

  • Thoughts on forming these intentional sisterhood and ‘goddess gatherings’.

  • The magic of welcoming playfulness and silliness.

Her new children’s book, 'Round the World about Alu the owl who decides to go on a monocycle adventure is available online now through Lulu Press.

E.52: From Suffering to Peace

with Mark Coleman


Episode Notes:

Author and mindfulness teacher of 20+ years, Mark Coleman, presents to us the vast and profound ways in which mindfulness can transform our lives. From our experience within our body, to cultivating the mind, to creating peace in the heart, and navigating our interactions with the outside world with awareness. 

He touched on…

  • Peace to the Mind: Transforming judgment, self-criticism, comparison, and dissatisfaction.

  • Peace to the Heart: Learning to let be and let go. Allowing the "dark night of the soul" to transform us and open us.

  • Peace with the Outer World: How to practice radical acceptance in our relationships. Cultivating a relationship and a consistent practice of communing with nature.

  • Peace within our Body: How mindfulness brings us into full embodiment and awareness of all our experiences.

 His book, From Suffering to Peace: The True Promise of Mindfulness is available online and also on his website MarkColeman.org

E.51: The Power of Meditating With Kids

with William Meyer


Episode Notes:

Bill Meyer, lifelong meditator and teacher of history, economics, and humanities is the author of the book, Three Breaths and Begin, A Guide to Meditation in the Classroom. Bill speaks of how he has brought meditation into his teaching curriculum and the impact it has had not only on his students but also on himself. He talks about how mediation is helping to correct the failures of our modern education in teaching children how to develop self-awareness, acquire wisdom, and be the owners of their own learning.

His book, Three Breaths and Begin, is available in bookstores and online, and also through his website: http://billpmeyer.com

E.50: Miracles In Small Acts of Kindness

with Laura Schroff


Episode Notes:

Laura Schroff is the author of a memoir about the course of events that took place when an 11 year-old boy asked her for spare change because he was hungry. The story of the relationship the ensues is captured in her book, An Invisible Thread, #1 New York Times Best Seller for 39 weeks in 2011, and now released in a young readers' version. Laura's is the story of the life-changing power of small acts of kindness.

Her award-winning books are available at bookstores and online, and also through her website: http://lauraschroff.com

E.49: Finding Joy After Tragedy

with Belinda Farrell


Episode Notes:

Overcoming the tragedy of her son's suicide, losing all of her money in a Ponzi scheme, and healing herself from incapacitating back injuries, Belinda Farrell is a powerful voice for resiliency and the human ability to find joy even after adversity. She shares:

  • An ancient Huna chant for clearing dark energy

  • How Huna (ancient Hawaii) healing helped her heal her back.

  • The practice of Ho'Oponopono, Cutting cords and what that does.

  • Reconnective Healing

Her book, Find Your Friggin Joy, is available online. 

E.48: The Life-Changing Power of Sophrology

with Dominique Antiglio


Episode Notes:

Sophrologist Dominique Antiglio shares:

  • What is Sophrology and why professional athletes are using it all over Europe

  • The different ways in which the practice helps with stress management, anxiety, and other emotional/mental challenges

  • How to use Sophrology for achieving goals, productivity, birth preparation, and more.  

Her book, The Life-Changing Power of Sophrology, is available online. To learn more, visit Dominique’s website: Be-Sophro.com

E.47: Renewal Through Nature

with Andrés R. Edwards


Episode Notes:

What if the key for both personal thriving and planetary thriving is that humans return to our innate interconnectedness with the natural world?

Andres R. Edwards, award-winning author of sustainability books, shares deep insights and science from his new book, Renewal: How Nature Awakens Our Creativity, Compassion, and Joy:

  • In busy urban areas… how to bring the benefits of being out in nature into our interior spaces?

  • What awe, beauty, time in spent in nature, and natural design do for human health…

  • The difference between children with “Nature Deficit Disorder” and children in Scandinavian countries who are raised with “friluftsliv”

  • What is Compassionate Conservation and what the case of the relocation of the leopards in Mumbai teaches us about how we can do conservation well

  • Nature as a mentor for humans… where that takes us…

To learn more about Andrés’s work, visit www.AndresEdwards.com

E.46: The Magic of Small Spaces

with Patricia Foreman


Episode Notes:

What if BIGGER is NOT better? What if the answer to all of the stresses related to your home is to move to a smaller one?

Patricia Foreman talks about:

  • The many advantages of living in not-so-big homes  

  • What is the biggest challenge people face when considering a smaller home

  • The many different uses and financial benefits of just-right-houses

Her book, A Tiny Home to Call Your Own: Living Well in Just-Right Houses, is available online.

E.45: Giving Back Through Simple Acts

with Natalie Silverstein


Episode Notes:

Natalie is a busy mom of three. She talks about her new book, Simple Acts: The Busy Family’s Guide to Giving Back, and shares:

  • The many simple, at-home activities in which parents can engage children in order to instill an easy community service attitude

  • What’s the right age to start teaching children about community service…

  • The impact of volunteering and service on children; the life skills it builds; the lessons and conversations that emerge from it.

  • The empowering and also healing effect of community service for both children and adults.

E.44: The Promise of Food Co-Ops

with Jon Steinman


Episode Notes:

Grocery giants are shaping our food systems, the health of our farms, and the quality of our food. Food co-ops present a powerful avenue for consumers and producers to reclaim their power to shape the health of their communities, their food systems & personal health.

Jon Steinman, author of Grocery Story: The Promise of Food Co-ops in the Age of Grocery Giants, touches on:

  • How a handful of giant grocers have shaped the continent’s food systems.

  • The ways in which co-ops help ensure affordable food, as well as fair food pricing that ensures a sustainable, livable income for farmers.

  • How food is inherently intertwined with physical health, community prosperity, and overall community health.

Jon’s book tour is taking him through Vermont this week, and he will be visiting co-ops all over the country in the next few months.

E.43: Seven Practices of a Mindful Leader

with Marc Lesser


Episode Notes:

Zen teacher, CEO & author shares the seven practices he teaches leaders at Google, SAP, Kaiser & others. He touches on:

  • Mindfulness, the beginners' mind, and experiencing the fullness of life;

  • Learning to listen, and developing compassion for ourselves & others;

  • Leaning into our pain and emptiness, rather than avoiding them;

  • Our fear of interdependence and our regard for independence;

  • Making things simple, and so much more.

Book: Seven Practices of a Mindful Leader - Lessons from Google and a Zen Monastery Kitchen

E.42: From Chronic Pain to Radiant Relief

with Brendon Lundberg


Episode Notes:

Brendon Lundberg, Co-Founder of the Radiant Relief Pain Centers in Oregon shares:

  • The new technology used at Radiant that is showing extraordinary results in the relief of chronic pain

  • Why the conventional treatments for pain (opioids, surgery) don’t work for chronic pain, and are actually working from an outdated theory of pain

  • How chronic pain is an issue of the brain improperly reading stimulus and interpreting them as pain, and it gets stuck in this pattern

Brendon’s book, Radiant Relief: A Case for a Better Solution to Chronic Pain, is available online.

To learn more about Brendon’s work and Scrambler Technology for chronic pain, you can find them at Radiant Pain Relief.