E.61: Healing at the Root Cause

with Dr. Andrea Fossati, MD


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Episode Notes:

Dr. Andrea Fossati, M.D. talks about:

  • What is integrative medicine, how it’s different from the traditional medical approach… and how it leads to different outcomes…

  • How it helps autoimmune conditions, fibromyalgia, cancer, and other conditions…

  • Why food matters…

  • What vital test they do that most doctors don’t order…

  • Does sugar really fuel cancer…

  • The role of leaky gut…

  • How trauma and adverse childhood experiences show up in health issues…

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E.38: The Art of Listening to Your Inner Diagnostics

with Sharon Roemmel


Episode notes:

Tapping into the wisdom inside us.

  • Understanding how your body communicates & the various ways in which you can access its messages.

  • Noticing what strengthens us and what depletes us.

  • To learn more about Sharon’s work, you can visit her website: Practically Enlightened You

Guided Meditation Gift:

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E.17: Changing The Culture That Fosters Cancer

with Brooke Moen


Episode Notes:

What if cancer is not just the luck of the draw? What if there's a LOT about our culture that fosters cancer? Brooke's answers are sure to surprise you, as she does not go down the typical path you might expect.

With her personal cancer story & experience as a Chinese Medicine practitioner, Brooke presents a unique perspective on the ways in which our western culture fosters cancer. She gives us powerful insights into treatment & prevention, and why "fighting" cancer might be the wrong attitude.

Why she calls cancer "the great calling"... you won't want to miss it. 

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