E.60: Thriving WITH a Terrible Diagnosis

with Celeste Watkins-Hayes

Episode Notes:

How does one THRIVE in spite of an HIV positive diagnosis? Or any other life-threatening diagnosis, for that matter?

Celeste Watkins-Hayes shares what she's learned over 15 years tracking the lives of more than 100 women living with HIV/AIDS:

  • How they go from "dying from", to "living with", to "thriving despite"...

  • How they turn “marginalized” into “meaningful”…

  • The power of owning your story to reclaim your power…

Her book, Remaking A Life: How Women Living with HIV/AIDS Confront Inequality, is available now.

E.12: The Art of Money

with Bari Tessler


Episode Notes:

What if old money stories are keeping you from creating a healthier financial reality for yourself? What if budgeting and learning to manage money doesn't have to be boring, dry or scary? And what if a three-tiered approach to budgeting could help you move towards living the life you want to live?

Financial therapist, coach, author and teacher, Bari Tessler talks about her Art of Money methodology which is the core of her work in The Art Of Money year-long program and her book, The Art of Money: A Life-changing Guide To Financial Happiness.

With her characteristic warmth, Bari walks us through the three core stages of her work: Money Healing, Money Practice and Money Maps; and she talks about the unique aspects of her work and why it is so effective. 

To learn more about Bari, you can go to her website and you can also purchase her book on Amazon.