E.47: Renewal Through Nature

with Andrés R. Edwards


Episode Notes:

What if the key for both personal thriving and planetary thriving is that humans return to our innate interconnectedness with the natural world?

Andres R. Edwards, award-winning author of sustainability books, shares deep insights and science from his new book, Renewal: How Nature Awakens Our Creativity, Compassion, and Joy:

  • In busy urban areas… how to bring the benefits of being out in nature into our interior spaces?

  • What awe, beauty, time in spent in nature, and natural design do for human health…

  • The difference between children with “Nature Deficit Disorder” and children in Scandinavian countries who are raised with “friluftsliv”

  • What is Compassionate Conservation and what the case of the relocation of the leopards in Mumbai teaches us about how we can do conservation well

  • Nature as a mentor for humans… where that takes us…

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