It Starts With the Body

It’s hard to thrive in life if the body is struggling.

Today I present to you the idea that the pursuit of any goal in life must start with cultivating your health.

No matter what area of life you want to improve --career, finances, relationships, education-- it has to start with taking better care of your body.

It’s funny that we seem to see these things as disconnected and wholly unrelated.

“What do you mean, Morella?  If I want a relationship, I’ll go on!”

“If I want another degree, I’ll just enroll and study hard… and eat junk because that’s what students do when they’re studying.”

“Making more money has nothing to do with eating better… in fact, eating junk is cheaper!”

Does any of this sound vaguely like the logic that goes on in your mind when you think about your life goals?  

Do you see your career, finances or relationships as completely separate from your health?

If you do, you’re not alone.

But the reality is this:  if you’re dealing with low energy, poor focus, poor sleep, digestive quirks and weird aches because your nutrition is subpar, it is an impossibility that you could be your best at ANYTHING!  Not work, not making money and definitely not dating.

Let me put this another way:  if you are high on sugar and caffeine it’s impossible to meditate.

In other words, you cannot be a master of your thoughts if you’re filled with junk. You’d have to be Buddha or Jesus already in order to be able to eat whatever you want and still maintain a high level of awareness and self-mastery.

Most of us are not there. Am I right?

So yes, what we eat and how we treat our bodies affects everything else in our lives.

When you take steps to not just “eat healthy” but actually cultivate optimal health, you start to tap into a level of aliveness, energy and focus that you’ve not know before.

When my detox clients (who’ve been former sugar junkies) experience three weeks without sugar, they are blown away by the amount of energy they have AND by how good food tastes!

I’m not kidding!

When you are cultivating optimal health, everything is clearer. You have better ideas. You are more focused. You are more optimistic. You are more productive. Period.

And yes, you are more attractive.

So point blank: Do you have a goal or dream in your life?

The first step is to start eating better. Do a detox program. Get rid of sugar and junk food, and start cultivating optimal health.

The bigger the goal, the healthier you need to be!