Success Starts With Your Body

Mahatma Gandhi once said, "Life is an indivisible whole." He was making reference to the fact that how we are in one area of life affects the rest of our life. There is no part of life that is wholly disconnected from the others.

Life is an indivisible whole.

This also means that every dimension of our existence touches and affects everything else. 

  • The state of your health affects your your earning potential
  • The quality of your relationships affects your health
  • Emotional wounds from decades ago can affect your career self-confidence
  • The quality of your thoughts plays a major role in your happiness

There is NO dimension of you that is separate from the rest. This can sometimes also mean that when something isn't going well, it can feel like nothing is going well. And when all of life feels like a mess, the overwhelm can be crushing.

To confound matters further, the majority of the tools at our disposal typically treat us like a collection of parts. As if we were a car or something... here's a solution for your muffler, another one for your alternator, and to fix your break-pads you need a different coach:

  • Do this diet to lose weight
  • Take this 8-week program to resolve all of your money issues
  • Join this 3-month program to attract the love of your life
  • Get coaching for your career

So, where to start?

Over the course of my 16+ years in health, healing and counseling I have come to know that taking care of the body is usually the best place to start. If your body is breaking down, your chances at succeeding in other areas of life will suffer. Plus it's very difficult to be truly happy when your body is hurting. 

What is a challenge you are currently facing?

Choose an action that relates to your body's wellbeing and you'll immediately notice the impact.

Stressed about your job?

Make a plan to go for a strolling walk in the middle of your workday every day. On your walk, focus on breathing deeply. The slow pace of your walk and the deep breaths will bring your nervous system out of fight-flight and when that happens, creativity and new ideas can flourish. Plus, you'll be giving your body a break from the high levels of stress hormones.

In constant conflict with your spouse?

Check out some yoga classes that will help you release some energy while you cultivate self-awareness. Or perhaps get a new cookbook of healthy recipes and practice active love by choosing nourishing, delicious recipes for the two of you.

Are you freaking out about your finances?

Go for a vigorous run or workout to vent the cortisone. At night pamper yourself with a bath, a foot massage or some great-smelling moisturizer to feel the opulence of little treats in your life. 

Parental challenges depleting you?

Make time for meditation, good eating and leisure time away from your kids. 

It all starts with your body.

I discovered through the power of detoxification, that when I took care to eat the BEST foods to help my body detoxify and get healthier that my creativity would soar, my moods would rise, and my general outlook on ALL of my problems would improve. 

If you're dealing with some big life challenges, always start by taking care of your body.

For further thought and action...

If you're ready to start taking consistent action, the Vibrant Body program is an extraordinary way to get things going. We now have rolling admission and you can join a group that will inspire you to take wonderful care of your health.