Anger, Rage, and Forgiveness...

This morning, I wrote the following statement on my fridge whiteboard:

Fear binds the world. Forgiveness sets it free.
— A Course In Miracles

That was the subject of my meditation this morning, and it prompted me to share it on social media. Once I was done, I knew I wanted to share it on the blog and newsletter.


I can’t quite make sense yet of everything I feel about what’s been going on in the US over the past few weeks... so I haven’t talked about it and I’ve avoided social media and the news as much as I can. I’m afraid of being massively triggered but I know that something is brewing inside of me that will be looking to express itself in some constructive way. I feel I’m a part of a massive hive that will not stand down...

And yet I know that the energy of opposition and fighting only fuels the perpetuation of conflict.

So I’m waiting... and meditating... until I’m clear. Until I know what is being asked of me at this time.

And in the meantime The Course In Miracles reminds me everyday to turn to a greater truth. And so as unpalatable as the word forgiveness can be at times, I am surrendering to this meditation today...

I do know that conflict and attack arise only from fear. And I know that when we act from fear, it never brings us to where we think we want to go.

So forgiveness...

I remind myself that forgiveness is NOT a free pass. Forgiveness is NOT equivalent to saying “it’s ok, it doesn’t matter”.

It does matter in as much as there are consequences from every action.

But forgiveness DOES mean that I will not allow someone else’s actions to dictate how I feel. I will choose peace. I will choose to honor myself and to honor integrity. I will choose to be reverent to all of the goodness of life.

And I am HELL BENT on acting from that place even though I don’t know yet what it will look like.

And there’s a fire brewing inside me and inside of many of us... and it’s been stoked...

And synchronistically fueled by a conversation yesterday with @stellawordsmith and her direct request, I am doing my show next Monday all about anger and rage.

I will be joined by Brendan Kelly in this conversation and we’ll be talking about the fire of anger... what to do with it.. why it arises... what’s the constructive expression and channeling of it... why stifling it is likely the cause of so many deaths.

In the meantime I sit and reflect and meditate. What is this fire doing and how is it going to want me to express it?