Health: When We Can't Seem To Do What We Know We Should Do

Some people seem to have it. They're really good at working out consistently, eating healthy, doing the right things for their health... and it seems natural and effortless for them.

Most of us are not in that camp. I certainly have never been the sort of person to be super motivated to work out. And hardly EVER have I had the willpower to stick to a food "regimen" for more than 3-4 weeks.

Never. EVER.


We are scarcely 3 days into 2017 and already I feel a quiet power brewing for things to come this year. And as I do on most years, I seek to find a word that captures the essence of my intention for the year. I remember in 2013, the word was Create. In 2014, it was Serenity. 2016 was all about Wedding.

As I feel into this big energy for 2017, I find that my word and my intention for this year is: Forgiveness.


Happy spring!

Spring is the time for re-emerging. It's also the season to clear the winter cobwebs and get ready for the buzzing months of growth and harvesting ahead.

I like to think of how much we actually are a part of nature, and play with the idea that what happens in nature is also applicable to us.

What if like tulips, we can blossom from the same bulb into a completely new flower each year?