It's election day today. The anxiety is reaching fever pitch and it is palpable in the air.

We're all no-doubt looking to put this election behind us, and yet perhaps more than any other election in the past, there's a good chance that no matter the outcome, a large portion of the country will be very unhappy with the result.

There's little you can do aside from voting and encouraging your friends to vote their conscience. Once you've voted, your best contribution is to seek to be calm and envision peace and collaboration for our country.

Adding to the anxiety, distributing stress-promoting messages or fueling animosity will not help in any way.

In order to create peace, we need to be peace and envision peace.

So my contribution to creating calmness and peace is to help anyone who is feeling anxious, stressed or jittery by inviting you to do this 10-minute breathing meditation.

Breathe. Together, in peace we will succeed in creating the world we envision.