A Third Option - Fighting v. Settling Part III

Over the past two weeks we’ve explored how we approach most things in life as a boxing match between two opposites.  

In one corner:  Fighting/fixing it

In the opposite corner:  Settling/tolerating/putting-up-with it

These are the opposite sides of the same coin: Resistance to what is.

Why Neither Fighting Nor Tolerating Work - Part II

What if both fighting and settling just keep you in the thing you actually don’t want? 

Last week we talked about how the energy of fighting/fixing helps to keep you feeling stuck. Essentially, the more we hold the energy of opposition to something, the more we fuel our subconscious belief that this is something that is hard to change. We therefore become our own opposing force! We are both the warrior AND the dragon we’re trying to slay!

Fighting vs. Settling + A 3rd Option for Thriving

What if trying to fix something is just keeping you stuck in the thing you don’t want?

Today I present to you that your valiant effort to fight something actually works against you.

Let’s start with a check-in.