Anxiety Creating a "Glass Ceiling" for Your Career?

Last week we talked about overcoming social anxiety and how a client of mine went from cancelling plans with her family to fully enjoying her social life again. 

Today I want to talk about how...

...anxiety can sabotage your career and greatest dreams.

From butting heads to building strong relationship skills

Ever noticed how those closest to you push your buttons the most? 

This week, I’ve been helping three of my clients work through some tough challenges in their relationships with their moms. Issues between women and their mothers are common; but so are tough issues with dad, sibling, partner, or boss.

The Gremlins Inside of Us

Remember the movie gremlins?

You may not know this, but you have gremlins inside of you… probably quite a few.

I had a couple of gremlins pop their nasty little heads just this weekend!

You can learn a lot by paying attention when they pop up. In fact, it is only by paying attention that you can deal with your inner gremlins.