Limiting Beliefs

"You Are NOT A Victim of Your Genes" ~ Meeting Bruce Lipton

He said it again and again, over the course of the weekend:

"You are NOT a victim of your genes."

This was Bruce Lipton facilitating his workshop at Kripalu, titled "The Grand Convergence of Science and Ancient Religions."

What Happens When You Heal Ancestral Wounds?

You reshape humanity...

For the past couple of weeks, I've been sharing with you some of my experiences of a decade of work uncovering the ancestral wounds I carried within me. I shared with you the magic of doing your family histogram; and then last week, we talked about how the field of epigenetics has proven that these ancestral wounds do in fact get passed down, and I shared with you my story of the inherited deep sadness, longing and hopelessness. 

The Gremlins Inside of Us

Remember the movie gremlins?

You may not know this, but you have gremlins inside of you… probably quite a few.

I had a couple of gremlins pop their nasty little heads just this weekend!

You can learn a lot by paying attention when they pop up. In fact, it is only by paying attention that you can deal with your inner gremlins.